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Usenet, or Netnews, is a world-wide distributed discussion system. Traditional access to newsgroups, or discussion fora, requires newsreader software and access to a newsserver. Many ISPs provide access to a newsserver as part of their service package. This category provides general information about Usenet. - Category ID : 61786
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Freedom Knights of Usenet

Dedicated to free speech, and its implementation on Usenet, an alternative point of view. Information about Usenet sites of Virtue and surviving UDPs.
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Internet Software Consortium

An FTP site with archives of various Usenet related documents. Includes active files, control messages, list of Usenet hierarchies.
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Authoritative Active File

Maintained by the Big Eight Moderation Team at This active file is a complete and current list of newsgroups available. Not limited to the "Big 8" groups only.
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Offers reviews of several websites on newsgroups. Includes a forum where users can share ideas and get assistance.
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yEnc - Encoding for Usenet and E-mail

Homepage of the public domain encoding format widely used in binary newsgroups. A stand alone yEnc decoder is also available for download with its source code.
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Offers binary newsgroup tutorials covering downloading, posting and use of software tools. Includes messageboard.
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Usenet on

History of Usenet as a whole and of specific hierarchies like alt.*, bitnet and fidonet, old Usenet maps, the way the newsgroups work and how to use them, tips on advanced use, useful links.
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AnchorDudes Usenet Newsgroup Server FAQ

General presentation of binary newsgroups: specific terms, provider comparison with a pricing table, newsgroup listings and a quick review of newsreader software.
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Wikipedia: Usenet

A presentation of Usenet: its history, terms and organization along with technical details and information on binary content.
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How to Usenet

A brief introduction to Usenet, particularly focusing on selecting a server and choosing a newsreader. Also features a collection of useful links.
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Explains how to use binary newsgroups.
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Mib Software: Usenet Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Information about Usenet for users and developers.
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Information and reviews on newsgroup access providers and newsreaders along with basic tutorials.
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Finding the Appropriate Newsgroup

Lists of groups listed according to where to post common kinds of posts, where to read about common topics, and so on.

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