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ExpLAN Computers Ltd

Makers of HolyBible and FuzzySheet.
2 -

Castle Technology

Castle sell a wide range of hardware and peripherals for the RiscPC. From monitors to harddiscs, including CD towers, modems, and memory. Castle are the official distributor of Acorn desktop products.
3 -

X-Ample Technology bv

Produce Teleprompters and other video media devices.
4 -

Iota Software Ltd

Products include The Complete Animator and DataPower.
5 -

Artex Software

Games developer.
6 -

Octopus Systems

Software developer and computer consultancy in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. Acorn computer dealers. Products include Teletext, Caller Display and Lindos LA100 Audio Test Software.
7 -

Sherston Software

Leading educational software for RISC OS, PC and Mac.
8 -

Aleph One

Makers of the PC card.
9 -

Windfall Engineering

Hardware and software developer.
10 -

Simtec Electronics

Specialise in memory upgrades. Also, IDE cards, and motherboards.
11 -


Manufacturers of acorn peripherals including a TV card, Mozart, and an IDE card.
12 -


BBC and Spectrum Emulators and Dynamic Geometry for RISC OS
13 -

MW Software

Prolific developer of Artworks modules. Site also contains other useful utilities.
14 -


Developers of Flight Simulators.
15 -

Micro Librarian Systems

Developers of in library-automation software aimed at primary and secondary schools, for both the RISC OS and Windows platforms.
16 -


Educational software developer.
17 -

Tortoisesoft Enterprises

RISC OS computing solutions.
18 -


Educational software developers.
19 -

Aspex Software

Developers of educational computer software for schools.
20 -

Digital Phenomena

Software developer.
21 -


Educational Software developer, for English and Welsh languages.
22 -

Partis Computing

Developers and suppliers of Power-tec products.
23 -

Expressive Software Products

ESP specialises in Music software and hardware for PC, Mac and Acorn. Their aim is to make music more accessible using technology as a tool.
24 -

Feldner and Braun Software GdbR

Product descriptions, download of free programs, updates for their programs and German version of Tech/Easi Writer.
25 -

4Mation Educational Resources

Lists literacy products, early year products, maths products and history products.
26 -


Specialise in the supply of internet and network solutions.
27 -

Little Yellow Moon

Developers of freeware desktop games.
28 -


Turn-Key internet, computing and business solutions developer.
29 -


Custom RISC solutions. This company specialises in solving technical problems. This usually includes designing and building hardware and software to fulfill some specific need.
30 -

Oregan Developments

Specialise in producing software and hardware solutions for the Internet Television market.
31 -

R-Comp Web Site

R-Comp - Developers of Acorn RISC OS Products Including many Games and Internet Related programs.
32 -

TAG Developments Ltd

Educational technology specialists.
33 -


Design and license ARM-based systems, from initial concept to production.
34 -

The Fourth Dimension

Hardware and software developers, including games, OCR pens and graphics tablets.
35 -

Kasoft Software

Software developer for RISC OS and JVM.
36 -

Stuart Tyrrell Developments

Hardware (PS2 mice, touchpads and printer switchboxes, joysticks) and custom development for the RISC OS platform.
37 -

Fortran Friends

A page where it is possible to buy Acorns Fortran77 compiler for RISC OS.
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