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This category is for products and services that do speech processing where the product design places an emphasis on the employment of VoiceXML markup programming language in controlling that processing.- Category ID : 61257
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ejTalk -- Human-Computer Conversational Systems

Created Voice XML conversation applications on Tellme, Bevocal, Hey Anita, Voice Genie and other platforms. Focuses on comfortable conversation. Cute digital Shakespeare demo.
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TellMe Studio

Free VoiceXML tools and reference to build, test, and deploy on the TellMe voice portal network.
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France based company offering complete VoiceXML gateway and hosting services. Text-to-speech compliant with all major European languages: French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish.
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Zvon VoiceXML Reference

Complete Voice XML reference with clickable examples.
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Provides a turn-key platform for running VoiceXML applications. Customization of hardware, speech recognition, text-to-speech, VoiceXML browser and cabling done in an ISO9000 facility. Installation in under a day.
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Turn-key speech recognition IVR systems

Turn-key IVR, CTI, WEB, and FAX systems emphasizing "self service" over the phone and web using speech recognition technology from IBM, Nuance, and SpeechWorks.
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Provides automated IVR telephone solutions, platforms, and IVR hosting using web, VoiceXML and CCXML technologies. Also has a developer site with VoiceXML/CCXML tutorials and free prototyping test environment.
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Phonologies (India) VoiceXML

Phonologies develops and markets core voice technologies based on VoiceXML and SIP, and customized voice application solutions.
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Audium Corporation

Provider of VoiceXML application software that simplifies the creation, deployment, and management of automated phone systems. Also offers turnkey VoiceXML IVR systems, both hosted and on-premise. Free trial of Voice Foundation Classes available for download.
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Markets VocaBase and VocaBase Studio which allow developing VoiceXML compatible automatic phone information services for large databases. Offers on-line access to its Studio, a free prototyping and testing environment for VoiceXML compatible applications. Based in Belgium.
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JAVA VoiceXML Interpreter

SpeechFrame IVR is an open standard telphony platform based on JAVA and VoiceXML 2.0. Available for OEMs.
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i6net Solutions and Technologies

Provides multimodal content management systems with Web, VoiceXML, WAP, I-mode, interfaces. Based in Madrid, Spain.
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Offer xMP, a VoiceXML application and service creation platform which facilitates the deployment of IVR and speech recognition technology over networks.
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VoiceXML interpreter for JAVA supporting JAVA APIs such as JSAPI and JTAPI. News, documentation, and downloads.
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Plum Voice

Provides IVR systems and software with full support for open standard VoiceXML scripting. Enhancement options include various speech recognition and text-to-speech engines, call center integration, outbound dialing.
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Occidental Communications

Provides communications consulting, specializing in call center. Provides voice and data network analysis and design, telecommunication audits, product market analysis and telecommunication fraud analysis.
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Cyara Solutions

Specialises in automated next generation testing solutions for IVRs, IVR applications and Contact center infrastructure.
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Speakright Framework

Open source framework for writing VoiceXML applications in Java.
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Voiyager Dynamic Application Discovery

Provider of call center solutions. News, products, and an online form to request a product demonstration.
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Develops and markets based products and solutions for managing, processing, and automation of voice communication.
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