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This category contains speech recognition, voice recognition and text-to-speech research sites. There are no consumer products, resellers, tool kits here.- Category ID : 61250
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Speech synthesis and prosody papers

Webpages of Dimitris Spiliotopoulos. Research in speech synthesis, intonation, prosody, natural language, talking robots.
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Univ. Of Pennsylvania Speech Resource

Linguistic Data Consortium - an open consortium of labs, companies and universities. It creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources for speech research and development purposes. Founded by ARPA 1992.
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GritTec Laboratory

Research focused on speech enhancement, speech concealment, voice biometric, speech recognition, and speech synthesis.
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Cassette of Phonetic Sounds

For speech researchers interested in a standard for phonetic sounds. From University College of London.
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"Negotiating through SPOken Language in E-commerce" project aims at contributing to the promotion of economic growth in the e-commerce and e-service area by improving speech to speech translation systems. Italian based research project has European and American participants.
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National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources

Boston University resource for experimantal and analyzed data (especially from native signers of ASL) to facilitate linguistic and computational research on signed languages and the gestural components of spoken languages.
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Centre for Speech Technology Research

A multidisciplinary research centre that undertakes application-oriented speech research mainly in the areas of speech recognition and synthesis. Has implemented useful software, like the Festival speech synthesis system. Interested in collaborating with outside academic or industrial partners.
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Speech Processing and Signal Analysis Group FEL CTU

Czech Technical University research focusing on enhancement of speech in the running car environment, speech recognition and to creating of databases of natural language. Demo available for doing spectral subtraction on your own data.
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IHear Machine Hearing Research

Services, products and information to enable hearing in machines. Includes some demos and details of models of complex sound pattern recognition.
10 -

Speed of Sound, Inc.

Performs speech data collection and transcription in order to assist vendors and researchers in the training and evaluation of speech-recognition systems.
11 -

Speech Module of an AI Mind

A design for the speech recognition portion of a robot. Source code and theory.
12 -

Pfstar Project

European research consortium investigating multisensorial interaction. Two year project examining technologies for speech-to-speech translation, the detection and expressions of emotional states, and core speech technologies for children begins Oct 2002.
13 -

STTS - Speech Technology Services

Offers development of technology for speech synthesis, speech recognition and lexica. Based in Stockholm.
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Recognition Technologies

Conducts research in the areas of speaker recognition (identification and verification), signature verification, speech recognition and handwriting recognition. Recognition engines and applications are currently being developed.
15 -

Research Paper on Rich Transcription

Rich Transcription of speech, speech and speaker recognition, naturallanguage processing
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Speech at Carnegie Mellon University

Dedicated to speech technology research, development, and deployment. Offers open source speech software, speech and language projects, publications, and resources.
17 -

Liberated Learning Project

Technology which automatically transcribes spoken language and displays it as readable text. Developing speech recognition technology as a means to accessible and barrier-free learning.
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LIMSI Spoken Language Processing Group

Main activities of the spoken language processing group cover the following domains: speech recognition, speech understanding, dialog systems, speaker and language recognition, speech translation and audio indexation.
19 -

Speech Structure Recognition

Speech recognition based on inner structure. Pattern recognition method to estimate which the inner structure of the spoken phoneme.
20 -

The Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP)

A university research program whose areas of research include language modeling, natural language processing, neural auditory processing, acoustic processing, optimality theory, and language acquisition. Information about its research, courses, seminars and research workshops.
21 -

Speech Recognition Group, Univ. of Cambridge

The Speech Recognition Group is part of the Machine Intelligence Lab at the University of Cambridge. Its primary area of research is large vocabulary speech transcription. Its research interests also include spoken dialogue systems, multimedia document retrieval, speech synthesis and machine learning.
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MIT Spoken Language Systems Group

Research initiatives for improving the interaction between people and computers via natural spoken language. Publications, news and events, and profiles of researchers.
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Speech Group ESAT/KULeuven Belgium

Site of the Leuven research group on speech technology (speech recognition, speech coding, and speech modification).
24 -

Haskins Laboratory at Yale University

Concentrates on speech synthesis, speech perception.
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University of Sheffield Speech and Hearing Research Group

Researches computational modeling of auditory and speech perception in humans and machines, robustness in speech recognition, and large vocabulary speech recognition systems and their applications.
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