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Medical Transcription Websites

Applying speech recognition technology to the task of transcribing medical records into computer processable format for the medical profession.

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AIM Services

Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition systems, Medisoft and Medamation electronic medical records software.
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medQ inc

Radiology Information Systems software. PACS integration, integrated workflow, and a reading service module.
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Custom Speech USA

Speech recognition software for medical transcriptionists, healthcare professionals. Products, services, support, resellers, and news.
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eScription, Inc.

Manages medical dictation and documentation using speech recognition, checked by a transcriptionist. Products, services, customer stories, news, and events.
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Precision Data Solutions, Inc.

Provides medical transcription software and dictation equipment for the health industry. Authorized dealer of Digital Voice products.
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Express Scribe

Audio playback control software designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. Many other interesting professional audio applications.
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BigHand Digital Dictation

Digital dictation workflow developer and consultancy. Provides legal, property, medical and other markets using network based document management with speech recognition options. Also provides product installation, training, change management, technical support services. Based in London.
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Winscribe Digital Dictation

Enterprise digital dictation systems with workflow routing of speech to text transcription. News, events, and partner login.
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Provides speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies that automatically turns medical dictation into meaningful information and a structured report. Products, technologies, and benefits.
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Provides speech recognition based medical documentation that takes advantage of late-model PCs with a high-speed internet connection. Resellers, support, and product information.
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Crescendo Digital Dictation & Speech Recognition

Digital dictation, speech processing, transcription, authentication and workflow management systems for the medical, legal, insurance and law enforcement sectors. Over 200,000 users across Canada, the USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Case studies and support information.
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Monster Transcription

Medical transcription services in the areas of Radiology and Cardiology. Provides voice recognition review and editing.
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PC-based dictation and transcription software system. Products, resources, and company information.
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Voice recognition software and EMR for medical transcriptions on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
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