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Commercially available workflow products that are not industry or task specific but are platforms that provide, document management, content management, workflow, process management and imaging capabilities. These products should be the platform for building Industry Solutions.- Category ID : 61227
1 -


A .NET based embeddable BPM workflow engine designed from the ground up for integration into applications.
2 -

Versata, Inc.

Business rules platform for agile application development.
3 -


Provider of software for Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Modeling & Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM) to assist in critical process improvements.
4 -


A business process management software company for mid-sized to large healthcare providers.
5 -


Specialises in compliance management systems for the superannuation and managed investment funds industry.
6 -


Business process management software company with focus on human-centric and adaptive workflow automation.
7 -

Write Track Media

Provides workflow automation solutions designed to help clients eliminate repetition. Offers an online store, downloads, and news links.
8 -


Business Process Management with an integrated business rule engine. COM+ as well as Java compatible.
9 -

Pallas Athena

Software vendor and consultancy, offering process modeling and workflow tools. Demo version of process modeling tool available for download.
10 -

Web-based workflow and document management ASP.
11 -

FloSuite BPM Software

Business Process Management (BPM) solutions built on Microsoft.NET for legal and professional services organisations.
12 -

Stellent Acorde ECM

Allows companies to leverage their ERP/LOB systems.
13 -

iApprove by Integrify

An intuitive request and approval workflow system that allows companies to manage and improve processes.
14 -

Orbis Software Ltd

Enterprise Business Process Automation and Alerting solutions.
15 -


A suite of imaging and workflow systems targeted at banking and financial Institutions. Profile, product range and worldwide locations.
16 -

Web and Flo

Specializes in workflow and business process management solutions.
17 -

Appian Corporation

Business process management (BPM) company delivering process, knowledge management, and analytics capabilities in an integrated suite.
18 -


Develops workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions.
19 -

Lombardi Software

Delivers a suite of Business Process Management (BPM) software and services.
20 -

Softech & Associates, Inc.

Document management, image conversion, workflow and e-process solutions for FileNET customers and partners.
21 -

Groiss Informatics GmbH

Offer the @enterprise workflow system based on Internet technologies. It supports customers in definition, execution and controlling of business processes.
22 -

MQSeries Workflow

Supports long-running business process workflows as they interact with systems and people.
23 -


A suite of tools for process management and application integration, conforming to the WS-BPEL standard. It includes modeling, execution and monitoring.
24 -


A workflow management system to assess, present, edit and control workflows.
25 -


Web-based enterprise workflow software that includes ready to use customizable workflow templates.
26 -

Smart Flow

An internally-used workflow and document management application that organizes everyday work and documents for quick access.
27 -

ActiveModeler Avantage

Advanced process modeling software for creating BPMN standard process diagrams, process models and process modeling projects. The process can then be automated with ActiveFlow.
28 -

Global 360

Solutions for automating, measuring, and optimizing resource-intensive business processes.
29 -


Develops and markets BPM and workflow software platforms and solutions.
30 -


A process management platform which enables you to combine heterogeneous modeling platforms such as ARIS, Corporate Modeler, Mega, MS-Visio and Nimbus Control.
31 -


Specialises in implementing BPM & EDM solutions from process authoring through to implementation using an integrated suite of specialist products.
32 -


Allows enterprises and government agencies to produce defensible and auditable investigation, case and incident management results more quickly and cost effectively than traditional manual processes.
33 -


A review and approval management solution for interactive and print projects such as video, Flash, web design, graphics and print.
34 -


An open source business process platform company.
35 -

IntrospeQt Software India

Offers enteprise content management technology and business solutions for document management, document capture, workflows and business process management.
36 -


Online artwork approval and proofing systems for packaging and print artworks.
37 -

Extract Systems

Provides automated data capture and redaction technologies that help government agencies and businesses comply with privacy legislation.
38 -

BP Logix

Enterprise BPM and workflow software that enables deployment of customized solutions, with no programming. Word-based e-form builder and process timelines.
39 -


Offers an open-source BPM and workflow engine that allows users to define, execute and monitor business processes.
40 -

ISIS Papyrus

Offers an integrated end-to-end platform for enterprise business communications and process improvements for a range of commercial and public-sector organisations.
41 -

Adeptia, Inc

Provides details of the integration, ELT, and data transformation solutions available.
42 -


An enterprise-class document management and workflow solution designed for online collaboration.
43 -


Enables users to create workflows and applications that automate business processes and streamline operations.
44 -


Offers enterprise purchase to pay and financial management solutions to automate business-critical financial processes.
45 -

Approval Manager

Organizes, schedules, and automates any proof approval or document approval process.
46 -

Automation Anywhere Server

Provides client server business process automation software that includes graphical flow diagrams for automating IT Processes.
47 -

Flowmingo Workflow Management

A Web-based workflow management system designed for the non technical business owner.
48 -


An integrated business process management, document management and groupware solution.
49 -


Provides process transformation consulting and technology to organisations in Australia and New Zealand
50 -


A workflow tool exclusive for Google Apps.
51 -


Java job scheduler, workflow engine, and file transfer engine. Web user interface, command line interface, and Java APIs are used to design, monitor, and control jobs. Can be embedded in Java applications. [Commercial]
52 -

Multichannel Order Management software

Order management software that provides order import, inventory management, order fulfillment, retail software, and order processing automation solution for fulfillment center or ecommerce businesses.
53 -

Lotus Domino Workflow

A standalone product that works on top of Domino to provide our customers with the ability to develop, manage, and monitor all their business processes and help them eliminate the downfalls of paper-based work.

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