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Microsoft Word has become the most popular personal computer word processing software. Originally written for DOS, in a text form, it is now available on Windows and Macintosh platforms, alone, as part of the Microsoft Office suite with the Excel spreadsheet, Outlook mail program and planner, and sometimes PowerPoint presentation manager, and Access database.- Category ID : 61222
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ODF Add-in for Microsoft Word

Includes a plug-in which allows import and export of OpenDocument files. Documentation, downloads, and information for contributors.
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Development site for Microsoft Word VBA macros and templates. Also has downloadable add-ons, some of which are free.
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Find in Word

Macros that ease the process of locating text in your document.
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Transform paper forms into eform Microsoft Word templates. Learn about email forms and submitting business forms to email. Get eform MS Word templates free.
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Eliminates the need for or use of self-inking or rubber stamps for document marking and identification. An add-in for Word 2000 - Word 2007, it embeds the word or phrase in the text of the document at the time of printing.
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Scidot - Scienc64

Graphics tool which serves as a document template dedicated to writing teaching documents in math, physics, chemistry, electronics, pneumatics, electrotechnics.
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TAL Tech

Macros that automate bar code generation.
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Broader Technologies, Inc.

Spell check medical and pharmaceutical terms with MedicWords spell checker dictionary software. Free download version available.
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Leewood Associates

Over 12 years experience creating custom macros and templates, including training services.
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Infoware Canada, Inc.

Specializing in Microsoft Office solutions for law firms, including InForm, a Word add-in that creates standard court documents and WinPT, printing cost tracker, and Legal Extensions for Word.
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Medical spelling dictionary (US English) for Microsoft Word for Windows. Includes medication and disease names.
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Automatic way to create fully formatted, linked HTML publications from within Microsoft Word. SolutionSoft
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APA Referencing Macros

Microsoft Word macros to automate the referencing of essays, written in APA Style.
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A companion product to Microsoft Word, it adds full automation to Word templates without the need for a programmer.
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Word plug-in that allows the creating of static Web sites using XSLT. It supports mathematical characters, Greek, ISO-8859-1 and Unicode. LGPL with documentation.
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Layout Tips for Technical Papers in Microsoft Word 2000

Suggestions on effective layout for technical documents with illustrated examples.
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A Windows and Mac utility to open, view and print new format MS Word documents (.docx) with the original formatting intact.
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Provides templates, photos, images, and fonts for documents and publications.
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Microsoft Word

The home of Microsoft Word, including Word XP (or Word 2002), Word 2000, Word 97, Word 95 editions; Mac Word 2001 and Mac Word 98 editions.
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