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This category is for object-oriented (OO) operating systems (OSs): OSs structured, organized, using all, most, or many of the principles of OO programming and related languages. Some such OSs are OO languages (Oberon, Self, Smalltalk, Squeak), some are written in OO languages (Java OSs in Java, Choices in C++), and some are written in procedural languages using OO structuring (GEOS and Unununium in Assembly). Of the later, many highly component-oriented OSs are also highly OO like, and are also listed here. On this page, OSs are arranged in three groups and levels: 1) Top group: types or classes of OS. 2) Middle group: OSs for which there are more than one instance of an OS of this name/type, an OS family. 3) Bottom group: specific OSs, individual instances; there is only one OS of this name/type.- Category ID : 60917
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Choices Object-Oriented Operating System

Research OS coded in C++, architecture organized as frameworks of objects hierarchically classed by function, performance; customized by replacing subframeworks, objects; application interface is kernel objects exported via application/kernel protection layer; kernel and application objects examined via application browsers; runs on bare hardware on distributed and parallel computers. Virtual Choices (VChoices) also runs under Unix System V.
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Object-oriented operating system for large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors. Minimizes data sharing via careful design: often eliminates data sharing even when sharing appears natural. Successor to Hurricane.
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Goal: create an environment for developing and deploying critical applications with hard real-time constraints in a reactive environment. Such applications must be able to execute on a platform of distributed and heterogeneous resources, and operate continuously in the presence of faults.
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Portable object-oriented microkernel OS, dynamically loaded device drivers, fully redesigned and rewritten many times in C++, runs on VAX, x86. Ongoing experiment in using O-O paradigm as framework for full OS, with distributed computing as main aspect in most design decisions.
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Iguana Project

Investigating use of object-orientation, computational reflection, and metaobject protocols (MOPs) to support dynamic customizing of (system) software.
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Multithreaded execution system of atomic matrices with dynamic compiler, a network environment, and an object-oriented OS. Open source, BSD.

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