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Sites contained here relate to tools which facilitate the retrieval of information from computer-based repositories. There are numerous related topics where specific types of sites may be placed. Software for offline archiving of data belongs in Computers/Software/Backup/. Tools for working with bibliographic material belong in Reference/Libraries/Library_and_Information_Science/Technical_Services/Cataloguing/Bibliographic_Utilities/. Web search engines and clients belong Computers/Internet/WWW/Searching_the_Web/Search_Engines/ and Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Search/, respectively.- Category ID : 59821
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The Glasgow Information Retrieval Group

Has a research program aimed at giving better access to multi-media information.
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A now discontinued Z39.50 bibliographic information retrieval tool from University of Washington.
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Information Retrieval

An online book by C. J. van Rijsbergen, University of Glasgow.
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Text REtrieval Conference (TREC)

An annual information retrieval conference and competition, the purpose of which is to support and further research within the information retrieval community.
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The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval

University of Massachusetts research lab focused on efficient access to large, heterogeneous, distributed, text and multimedia databases.
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Software for information mapping, knowledge management, and computer aided thinking.
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Information Retrieval Research

An up-to-date overview of research in the field of information retrieval.
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AgentWeb: Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management

IR and KM resources specifically relating to intelligent software agents. Includes a wide variety of web resources with good descriptions.
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Resources for Text, Speech and Language Processing

A collection of resources in a variety of fields related to text, speech and language processing. These include computational linguistics, information retrieval and machine learning. Here you can find pointers to useful Web sites, as well as lists of relevant books, newsgroups and mailing lists.
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Javaisis 3.0

JavaIsis is an open source Java application by which you can manage a CDS/ISIS database with any Java Virtual Machine.
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An information integration solution. It makes information from ERP implementations, CRM databases, custom applications, EAI and EIP solutions and the Internet, available on request.
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A global company developing software for knowledge retrieval. Collexis both retrieves data and discovers relationships between items via clustering and/or aggregation.
13 -

Modern Information Retrieval

A recent IR book, covering algorithms, implementation, query languages, user interfaces, and multimedia and web retrieval.
14 -

Index Data LLC

Consulting and software-development enterprise headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and specialized in search and retrieval software for libraries, information providers.
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Provider of intelligence and investigation management software for law enforcement, defence, national security and private sector organisations.
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Enterprise Search Summit

Program of the annual event of search companies.
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Enterprise Search Europe

Programme, list of sponsors, photos, and past events.

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