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1 -

Delia Systems

Delivers unique world-class software products for intelligent and dynamic scheduling. Products dedicated to the aircraft industry .
2 -

Clean-Pro Industries, Inc.

Software for janitorial service contractors, cleaning maintenance companies, and in-house cleaning departments.
3 -

Pacific Simulation

Software solutions include WinGEMS, process simulation software for the pulp and paper industry, and FactNet, an effective troubleshooting and factor analysis tool for processes with many interrelated variables.
4 -

JB Knowledge

Makers of SmartBidNet, SmartReality, SmartInsight and SmartCompliance. Technology solutions for construction, risk management, and insurance.
5 -

Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.

Provider of client communication and marketing software, including practice management training for financial service professionals.
6 -

DR Software

Software for creation of material safety data sheet in up to 20 different languages, tremcards for the road transport, hazardous labels,and internal plant instructions.
7 -

Misys plc

Offers software and related services to the international banking and securities, health care , and insurance industries.( London: MSY )
8 -

Provider of virtual tours and 3d imaging for real estate, online retail, hospitality, and other industries.
9 -

Customs Info Inc.

Provides customs information such as global tariffs, taxes and duties, customs rulings, and regulations. All content is available in the form of an online subscription, GTM application content, or on a CD.
10 -

The Trakker

Loan servicing software that services any type of loan mortgages, mobile home, student loans, auto, and land contracts.
11 -

Nortridge Software Inc.

A client-server, Windows based loan servicing system for lenders of all types and sizes. Specialises in areas of loan accounting, processing, and servicing.
12 -

IBS Corporation

Offers wholesale, hardware, distribution software package for Lumberyards. Features sales, quotes, purchasing, inventory control, management, accounting and Internet services.
13 -

Intersoft Systems Ltd

A software developer company. They develop and sell hire purchase, finance, accounting, freight management and funeral director systems.
14 -

Numerical Control Design BV

Develops EasySIGN, a sign-making software.
15 -

Military Command Software

Catalogue of data communication system designers and manufacturers.
16 -

Promax Applications Group Pty Ltd

Grocery trade marketing consultants and developers of promotional planning software, which helps food industry distributors to optimise and control their trade promotions.
17 -

Buy Back Pro

Software for recycling centers and scrap yards. Custom hardware/software packages for store parking lots. Solar powered, self contained systems.
18 -

Advanced Management System

One step software solution for non prime financial institutions and buy here pay here auto dealers.
19 -

Information and Display Systems, Inc.

Provides event service and custom software for many sporting events.
20 -

Intrepid Control Systems

High technology software and electronics engineering with a focus on automated PC based measurement and control.
21 -

OMD Corporation

Regarded as one of the most fully integrated business software programs available.
22 -


Foreign-trade zone inventory control system that puts you in control.
23 -

Computricks Applications

Complete banking application software.
24 -

SMD Technologies

SiteLink managed your entire operation of storage sites.
25 -

Karmak, Inc.

Software specialists to the truck industry: heavy duty parts distributors, heavy duty truck dealerships and repair shops, truck lease and rental companies.
26 -

Entertainment Business Technology

Software for booking agents, talent, modeling and artists management. Itineraries, contacts, contact and scheduling functions.
27 -

Fuimus Corporation

Provides specialized software to the advertising industry. The advertising agency management system provides the necessary components crucial to the day to day success of your business.
28 -

TFS Consultants, Inc.

Pet Tracker provides the tools to track the costs and profits from the sale of dogs, cats, birds and reptiles.
29 -

Rockwall Controls Company

Provides monitoring, trending, and analysis of the operation of remote facilities including hospitals, schools, office buildings, military bases, and museums.
30 -

Express Digital Graphics, Inc.

Provides software solutions for the professional photographic industry, including integrated workflow, and e-commerce and fulfillment connectivity applications.
31 -

FirePlan Software

Software modules developed for fire departments. Applications available for awards programs (LOSAP), NFIRS 5 (Incident Reporting), SCBA records management, hose testing, attendance tracking, inventory control, membership records, and computer aided dispatch.
32 -

Agaram Industries

Manufacturer of hardware and software related to the analytical instrumentation.
33 -


Offer content management systems and other software solutions for school web sites. Based in Connecticut, USA.
34 -

Mainstreet Computers, Inc.

Designs and supports business products for the auto glass, flat glass and glazing industries. Includes news.
35 -

Keogh Software

An Irish based IT provider of application software solutions to the business, medical, radio and risk management markets.
36 -

Companion Software, Inc.

Creators of deal, project, pipeline, and commission tracking software for the commercial, industrial and retail real estate industries.
37 -

Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation

Supplier of loan servicing and debt collection software. Includes products, news, FAQs.
38 -

Service Works Group

Provider of estates and facilities management software.
39 -

TIMS Software: Audiology

Office management software for the hearing industry.
40 -

Myriad Software

32 bit windows software for furniture retailers with sales between 2 and 20 million dollars annually.
41 -

Investors FastTrack

Mutual fund and stock charting, ranking and analysis software.

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