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Sites about the history of software and/or of the software industry.- Category ID : 59777
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System R History

Includes oral history transcripts about System R and SQL. From 1995.
2 -

The History of Software Patents

A history of how software went from unpatentable to patentable.
3 -

History of Computing: Software Index

Taxonomy of many kinds of software, with historical perspective.
4 -

PostgreSQL History Document

Capsule history of POSTGRES-related database management systems.
5 -

Software Memories

Historical articles about the enterprise software industry, its companies, and its pioneers.
6 -

Tincat Group, Inc.— MultiValue Family Tree

Family tree "poster" and timeline for multivalue (PICK and U2) database management product lines.
7 -

Beer and Nappies -- A Data Mining Urban Legend

Article debunking the beer-and-diapers data mining urban legend.
8 -

Powersoft History

Capsule history of PowerBuilder, with a scan of a product advertisement.
9 -

Outliners & Programming

Dave Winer on the history of some early personal computer software products.
10 -

The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval

Essay on the history of information retrieval and search technologies, written before the World Wide Web took off.
11 -


History of search engine vendor FAST Search & Transfer, and of a predecessor company founded by an early technical employee.
12 -

PowerBuilder History

Idiosyncratic history of PowerBuilder and other client/server development tools.
13 -

Teradata History

Official summary company history of Teradata.
14 -

Xconomy: The Greatest Internet Pioneers You Never Heard Of

Article about the history of Erwise, a Finnish project that anticipated the Mosaic browser.
15 -

Site with history of several software companies (InSystems, Powersoft, Covalent).
16 -

Enterprise Software History

Capsule histories of application software companies in sectors such as ERP, MRP, and CRM. Wiki format.
17 -

Astonishments in the history of version control

Blog post with historical highlights in software version control.
18 -

Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection

History of various IT companies, especially enterprise software vendors. Affiliated with the Computer History Museum.
19 -

The Rise and Fall of CORBA

Critical history of the CORBA standard for object request brokers.
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