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Image Editing software are graphic programs that provide a variety of special features for altering bit-mapped images or the creation of graphic images. Image editors also enable you to create and superimpose layers. Bit-mapped graphics are often referred to as raster graphics. The other method for representing images is known as vector graphics or object-oriented graphics.- Category ID : 59674
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Allows editing of images online using a web browser. Includes tools to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects.
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StudioLine Photo Edition

Image archive with integrated photo editing and filter technology for digital photos. Flexible presentations, and printing options, batch processing features and imports the most popular picture formats. [English, German, French, and Italian]
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A simple freeware program for creative painting. Supports different digital brushes, has standard image editing tools, transparency and layers support, as well as effect filters.
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Tux Paint

Open Source drawing program for young children. Product specifications, screenshots, documentation, and downloads.
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Lead Tools

Image editing and digital painting software, retouch, repair, and edit photos with high-quality digital painting tools. Product description and trial download.
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Create drawings directly from a browser. Can be used for creating a map, sketch for custom design, or a personalized greeting card. [Commercial/Evaluation]
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Adesign is an image editing software to create professional-looking graphics that provides bitmap tools, and advanced image editing features. Technical support provided.
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Unleashed Productions, Inc

Provides tutorials, plug-ins, training books and DVDs, and newsletters for a variety of graphics programs including Adobe Photoshop and Corel.
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QFX Image Editing

Builds layouts by utilizing an object-oriented paradigm, complete with floating layers, transparent and soft edge masking, multiple complex effects and real time photographic compositing.[Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista]
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Image editing, painting and manipulation tools. Functions range from simple scanning, using filters, putting images into catalogs to poster prints, video image capturing, webcam and slide show presenting. Compatible with Photoshop filter plugins.
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DigArts Software

Imaging tools for artists and illustrators for use with foliage products supporting Photoshop, Painter, or Paint Shop Pro. Features tutorials, gallery, tips, links, and news.
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iRedSoft Technology Inc.

Batch imaging and digital photography editing application. Tools developed for webmasters and digital photographers.
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Image Broadway

Easy to use image editor and graphic program, samples and tutorials are available. Permits one to edit or create graphic images like a pro in just minutes.
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ThinkTank Software: Ameri-Imager

All-in-one solution for image editing, conversion, and viewing. Includes batch conversion among formats; slideshow, annotations, painting, HTML image map creation, Adobe Photoshop-compatible plugin support, and TWAIN acquire.
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Logical Designs: ThinksPro and SharpRaw Software

Digital image processing software for converting raw files to high quality JPEG, BMP or PSD images.
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Saint Paint Studio

A full paint package containing all the essential tools for editing True/256/16/Monochrome images and numerous file formats including BMP and JPG.
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Real-Draw Pro

2D and 3D vector and bitmap-based graphic editor, create 3D drawings using familiar 2D vector tools. Exports files to Adobe Photoshop. Download printable manual in PDF format.
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Right Hemisphere

Graphical information management software to help companies manage complex 2D, 3D and CAD (Computer Aided Design) data.
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Idruna Photogenics

Photogenics offers unique easy to use yet extremely powerful features such as being able to apply over 80 filters simply by spraying with the airbrush, and the ability to erase mistakes with the right mouse button. [Windows/Linux/Pocket PC]
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Easy to learn paint and image editor for Windows. Touch up photographs and create graphics for desktop publishing.
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EZ Viewer 3 Photo Software

Complete software for viewing, printing, editing, enhancing, and managing images. Demo download available.
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Add-on flight planner for creating adventures and flight plans. Includes screenshots, downloads, tutorials and support forums.
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Free open source painting and image retouching program designed to work best with 35mm film and other high resolution high dynamic range images. [Linux/Windows/Mac OS X]
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A Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool under X11 on Linux and most UNIX platforms.
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Franceschi Francesco: Tutorials

Italian digital artist offers a series of tutorials for 2D and 3D imaging programs such as Photoshop, Lightwave and Painter.
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Online photo editor. Removes blemishes, changes skin/hair color, morphs photos or applies filters.
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A free online image editor. Enables to fix, adjust, and filter images in a browser.
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Online image editor with basic editing features and photo albums integration.
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New World Software - Focus Photoeditor

Shareware image editor with all the basic image editing tools with over 30 filters, effects, and deformations. [Win 95/98/NT/2000]
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Andromeda Software Inc.

Engineer of plugins for Photoshop, InDesign and PageMaker. Offers custom plugins and web/print based image manipulation services.
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Easypicture Photo Editor

Enables to view and edit images in popular raster formats, browse graphics collection, display pictures full screen, in a slideshow, as thumbnails, in wallpaper and in mosaic form. Supports Photoshop plugins. [Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP]
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Program to paint, retouch, and process images. Supports all major image formats.
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Pro Motion

Drawing and animation package for graphics that contain up to 256 colors. Create comics, logos, still images, presentations, clip-arts, game graphics or light weight bitmaps for Macromedia Flash designs.
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PhotoPlus X2

Professional image editing enhances and improves digital photos, or paint a new creation. [Windows]
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Sumo Paint

Browser based online image editor and drawing application. Community and sharing features for registered users. Requires Flash.
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Pixopedia 24

Shareware digital image processor featuring numerous picture customization tools.

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