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This category lists websites for companies who develop and/or distribute 3D graphics software products.

3D software companies that offer software in one of the following specific areas:

  • Animation and Design Tools
  • Ray Tracing
  • Rendering and Modelling
  • Terrain
  • Textures
  • Virtual Reality

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1 -

Provides molecular modelling services for chemists, including computer graphics of molecules, and animated displays of chemical simulations. (English, German)
2 -


Developers of the Artlantis raytracer, the Zoom 3D modeller, and other graphics software.
3 -

Techex Ltd.

Techex partners with emerging technology companies who are challenging the way IP is used to move and manage video.
4 -

NECO, Inc.

Engineering design and development firm utilizing 3D scanning and printing, Rapid Prototyping and 3D routing to optimize conceptual ideas and/or revamp existing products. Emphasis is on consumer goods, automation, production, and process improvement.
5 -

Max Ink Cafe

High-end visual effects, digital compositing and 3D computer animation.
6 -

EON Reality Inc.

Makes 3D interactive simulation software for the Windows platform.
7 -

PhoeniX Technologies, Inc.

PTI develops and sells Visualeyez, the real-time motion capture system. Visualeyez provides motion capture solutions for both animation and scientific professionals.
8 -

Artifice, Inc.

Makers of DesignWorkshop, 3D modeling, rendering, and real-time walkthrough software for Windows and Macintosh.
9 -

IntegrityWare Inc.

Suppliers of 3D geometry and graphics libraries as well as NURBS and polygon mesh creation, editing, and manipulation.
10 -

Cubicspace Studios Limited

Developers of rtre, a real-time rendering engine for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ. Product specifications and overviews, FAQs, modules, download trial and contact details.
11 -


Works with advertising agencies and games companies to deliver CG animations.
12 -

Animazoo Motion Capture Systems

Motion capture systems and motion capture suits manufactured in the UK. Our Mocap suits are used for Animation, games development, ergonomics, industrial research and real time simulation. Our inertial motion capture systems make mocap simple in any location.
13 -

The M@d iD Website

Dutch production company specializing in 3D content, special effects for commercials, films, and music videos, and interactive media for companies.
14 -

Hash, Inc.

Creators of Animation Master, a low cost spline based animation package. That is a cross-platform modeling, rendering and animation package.
15 -

InnovMetric Software Inc.

PolyWorks, reverse engineering and inspection software for 3D digitizers and CMMs for rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, inspection, GD&T, CAD comparison and CAD/CAM.
16 -

Zoomorphix Systems

Computer Graphics and Software Development and Animation company specializing in 3D art and software.
17 -

Darkling Simulations

Makers of DarkTree Textures, Plug in material shaders for Lightwave 3D, TrueSpace, 3D Studio MAX and Animation:Master.
18 -

Donnelly Designs

A graphic design firm specializing in 3D renderings and animations.
19 -

MetaVR Inc.

Company provides high-performance PC-based end-to-end solutions for 3D visual systems for simulation and training. MetaVR has developed WorldPerfect (VRWP), a terrain and content generation tool for building virtual worlds.
20 -

Trionix Program Package

3d DXF tools, bitmap generator, path editor, and system tools. Runs on PC+Windows systems. Companion tools for PIllusion, Aura and 3Dpackages.
21 -


Developers of digital environment creation software and real time simulations. Creators of Vue, Ozone and LumenRT.
22 -

Realsoft Graphics

Develops and markets Realsoft3D, a 3D modeling, rendering and animation software for production of high quality photorealistic graphics and animation.
23 -

Mental Images

Company develops rendering technology products are Mental Ray and Mental Matter.
24 -

Size8 Software Inc.

Developer of Stitch, a cloth and clothing simulation plugin. Software solutions for the animation, apparel and gaming Industries.
25 -

Vertex Design

Specilaise in computer generated 3D and 2D modeling, animation, illustration, website design,video production and composition and multimedia authoring.
26 -

UZR GmbH & Co KG

Developer of image based modeling software for Mac and PC. Products are UZR 3D, and 3D scanning software, computer vision applications, and UzrViewer a Java-based 3d viewer for the web.
27 -


Makers of XFrog, a 3D animation and organic modeling software specializing in trees and plant life.
28 -

Pict8 Visualisation

Scottish Company specializing in the creation of accurate CAD models, rendered images, animations and interactive presentations.
29 -

NGRAIN Corporation

Provides visualization and simulation solutions that enable modification and manipulation of complex 3D data in real-time, on common PCs and other computing platforms.
30 -


Company offers a variety of services relating to modifying captured images, creating new original 3D environments and characters. And combining live action with computer-generated imagery. Download free plugins for Max, presets, and fixes.
31 -

Innofx Design Studios

Company provides creative 3D modeling, animation, visualization, and computer graphics.
32 -

RealDB Inc

Specializes in visual database creation for real-time usage, in the field of terrestrial and aeronautic simulation for military and civil needs.
33 -

Hive and Beevision

3D animation and special effects company. Samples of work, quick time reel and requires flash 4 player.
34 -

DeskArtes 3D Solutions

DeskArtes develops and markets 3D Industrial Design software products. "Design Expert" is for 3D modeling and visualization for Win 95/98/NT/2000. "Industrial Design System (IDS)" was specially developed as a design tool for industrial designers for UNIX, Windows NT.
35 -


Reseller and distributor of specialised 3D graphics, animation, digital video, multimedia software solutions in Australia.
36 -


Terrain Experts Inc, a privately held software company that develops, markets, and supports software for Realtime 3D Terrain generation.
37 -


Developer of 3D solutions and interactive software, also research into 3D methods, including rendering, modeling and pixelshading. Based in Liverpool.
38 -

Eos Systems Inc.

Developer of PhotoModeler software products advanced 3D measurement and imaging technology.
39 -

evasion 3D

Offering products that range from simple utilities such as shaders or modeling tools to rendering systems. Particulars on products offered, screenshots, purchase, and customer support and contact details. Platform: Intel, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X.
40 -


Specialized in the modeling and analysis of maps and textures, proposing both software, libraries and services related to these topics.
41 -

Scintillating Graphics

Software development and Distribution Company based in Australia, focused on the area of interactive three-dimensional graphics. VRMLmagic will create interactive 3D worlds and publish them directly as web pages using the VRML standard.
42 -

Quantum 3D

Develops high quality computer generated graphics. Providing software products and services in the areas of real-time 3D visualization, 3D geometric model development, real-time image generation, and simulation development.
43 -

Applied IDEAS, Inc.

3D Graphics training and programming services. Home of the Ignition Game Design Academy.
44 -

Okino Computer Graphics

A provider of fast, photo-realistic rendering software for Microsoft Windows (the NuGraf Rendering System), cross-platform 3d model translation software (PolyTrans) and cross-platform 3d development libraries for software developers (3D Toolkit).
45 -

DAZ3D strives to bring 3D art directly to the masses by delivering the highest quality digital 3D content and software. 3D software programs such as Bryce, Mimic Pro, and DAZ Studio.
46 -


Developer of high-end software for all areas of professional visual content production, including tools for 3D and 2D animation, and for creating, editing and finishing video programs.
47 -

aXYZ Design

Digital 3D content provider specializing in character entourage and animated crowd simulation. Creators of Metropoly People and an(i)ma.
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