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Text editors are programs used to create and modify plain text files. While often feature rich, they do not add formatting codes to edited files (as word-processors do). Specialized types of text editors include hex editors, used with binary files; and HTML editors which are used to create web pages.
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A programmers editor that offers unlimited length of edited text, an MDI interface, built-in FTP client, macro recorder, various templates, a full HEX editor and spell checker. Available in English, German, Czech, French, Danish, and eight other languages.
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A SCIntilla based text editor.[Win32/linux]
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Provides the user with a wide range of functionality such as: Project management, project templates, syntax highlighting, wizards and a fully customizable user interface.
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Resource Hacker

Utility to edit Windows executable resources.
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Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor

A free editor that implements the Midas applications programming interface in Mozilla.
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A general text editor with configurable interface, dictionary support for seven languages, supports multiple text formats, and supports text files as large as memory allows. [Win16/Win32]
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Steno Pad 2

A free word processor, compatible with MS Word and Word Perfect, with smaller files.
8 -

The Literary Machine

LM 2000 creativity and authoring tool. Powered by a relational database that processes ideas and research for brainstorming and concept mapping. Features front-end word processing to order and compile texts into written compositions.
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Jext for Windows

Jext is a powerful pure Java text editor. That has been mainly designed for programmers. It provides syntax colorizing (Java, Perl, XML, HTML.), auto indent, plugins, scripts, others.
10 -


Windows text editor with syntax highlighting for several languages, XML tree view, CSS browser, HTML autocomplete, and Java compiler launcher. (Open Source)
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Small notepad replacement which supports Windows, Unix and Mac text formats, supports files as large as memory will allow, has a recent files list, configurable interface, and full intellimouse support. [Win32]
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Notepad replacement for Windows with unlimited file size, context sensitive URLs, unix file format support, and file changed notification.
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Free cross-platform, syntax coloring text editor, supports UNICODE, UTF-8, and other code page conversions. [MacOS/Windows]
14 -

Crimson Editor

Windows text editor that fits on a floppy yet offers powerful features and customizable syntax highlighting.
15 -

Yikes 2

Windows-based editor designed to emulate DOS edit. Supports editing of plain text and, to some extent, binary files.
16 -

TED Notepad

Offers numerous hotkeys, several clipboards, advanced searching and editing, unicode/utf-8 support, sort unique lines, reverse or translate characters, cut columns. Also supports user plugins for grep or dir. [Win32]
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Unicode text editor for programmers and web designers with syntax coloring and build-in FTP client. [Win32]
18 -

NotGNU Emacs Editor

NotGNU is a freeware, user-friendly, emacs style text editor, similar to GNU Emacs but much smaller and lighter, with a Windows look and feel. It is available for DOS, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT machines and Linux.
19 -


Windows source code editor supporting a number of programming languages. Software description, screenshots, downloads add-ons, and a small support area.
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Creates Tibetan Pecha documents, allows import/export of RTF text, and has controls for pecha layout and printing. [Win32]
21 -


A simple editor for SPARC Solaris that is compatible with the Common Desktop Environment.
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Fuzzy Duck Note Tab

A small note taking application that lives in the MS Windows task tray. Includes many advanced features such as a spell checker and saving to ftp. [Requires VB runtime]
23 -


Combines calendar functions with text editing features. [Win 98 or better]
24 -

Angel Writer

An editor that creates formatted text, graphics and tables for .TXT, .RTF, and html files.
25 -

EditPad Lite

Windows text editor with block functions and Asian language support. Free for personal use. Pro version is also available.
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A tool to create complex regular expressions and transform them into Java code.
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Source Edit

A free code editor that supports most of the common computer languages out there.

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