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A collection of data structured and organized in a disciplined fashion so that access is possible quickly to information of interest.- Category ID : 59123
1 -

SAS Institute

Integrated suite of information delivery software for business decision making including balanced scorecard, data warehousing, data mining, financial consolidation, knowledge management and Web enablement.
2 -

FairCom Corporation

Cross platform database solutions.
3 -

Lazy Software

Develops and distributes Sentences, the first database management system based on the Associative Model of Data.
4 -

OpenLink Virtuoso

High-performance and compact DBMS server with support for SQL-92, ODBC, JDBC, UDBC, SAX, DOM, and XML.
5 -


Object-relational cross-platform database engine by Paradigma Software.
6 -

Cardett Associates

Advanced Query Tool is designed for database developers and DBAs with particular features for DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server.
7 -


Libraries for Linux and Unix that implement the Tabular DataStream protocol used by SyBase and Microsoft SQL Server. [LGPL]
8 -

SoftTree Technologies, Inc.

Offers task scheduling tools for the major database servers.
9 -

Pervasive Software, Inc.

Supplies application builders and developers with embedded database products (ODBC, SQL, client-server) with high performance, small footprint database engines.
10 - on Databases

Articles, discussion forum and links covering a variety of database products.
11 -

Database Administration and Scripts

DBA scripts and articles on Informix, Oracle and ERP software such as SAP, Baan, and Peoplesoft.
12 -

XTG Data Modeller

Visual CASE tool for data structure modelling, reverse engineering of the database, generation of SQL scripts, and HTML documentation of the model.
13 -

Innovative Systems Techniques

Insyte designs database management and decision support systems using Vision, our object-oriented database technology.
14 -

Hill Croft Information Technologies

Developers of ODBC drivers and other utilities for DataEase databases.
15 -

Data Harmony, Inc.

A text based database company providing software and technical support for small and large business needs.
16 -


Wisql, by Tom Poindexter, is an X11 version of isql (Windowing-ISQL) which gives you a SQL query editing window, a results window, and a lot of menus and buttons.
17 -

Open Source Database Benchmark

A free, open source, performance benchmark for private testing of relational database systems. Tests are written in the C language using GNU tools.
18 -

Innovative Routines International

Vendor of CoSORT (Unix and Windows NT sort software), netCONVERT (cross-platform file and data translation), and x-PRESS (cross-platform data compression).
19 -

Alpha Software

Produces database products for Windows and DOS operating systems.
20 -

Zoot Software

A multiple database storage model and provides a browser-like interface. Features a number of built-in databases.
21 -

Toolbox for IT: Database Community

Offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, white papers and daily news geared towards database professionals and users of database products.
22 -

Awaresoft Pty Ltd

Aware IM is an application platform that allows business people to create web database applications without the knowledge of programming and database design.
23 -

Spectral Core GmbH

Offers database conversion, comparison, synchronization, management and documentation tools. Most popular databases are fully supported.
24 -

Dynamic Information Systems Corporation

DISC makes OMNIDEX, advanced indexing software to obtain data agility for data warehousing, OLTP and web applications.
25 -

Vitaliy Levchenko Software

Data manipulation and reporting software. Allows to view, edit, print, sort, filter, export, import, convert, search, replace the data.
26 -

CA: Database Management

Solutions for database administration, performance management and backup and recovery.
27 -


Offers eXtremeDB, an in-memory and on-disk embedded database system for real-time and embedded applications; and Perst, an open source, object-oriented embedded database system for Java and .NET applications.
28 -

Werysoft Inc.

SQL query tool, SQL editor and database development tool for SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Anywhere.
29 -

Raima Inc.

Provider of enabling software for companies operating in the embedded and wireless marketplace.
30 -

DigerTech - DtSQL

Universal database tool to create, alter, browse and search database objects, execute SQL scripts and edit tables.

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