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Data compression reduces the size of a file, or groups of files of data by eliminating unnecessary information, such as blanks and redundant data. The idea of reducing the size is to save money on transmitting or storing the data. The file or program which has been compressed must be "decompressed", i.e. brought back to normal before use.- Category ID : 59266
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Windows and Mac data compression utility that supports zip, TAR, gzip, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC formats. Includes ZipSend file delivery web service and ZipShare Facebook app.
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BitJazz Inc.

Lossless compression for photoquality images. Cross-platform. SDK. Free reader.
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Xceed Software Inc.

Makers of Zip and Unzip data compression controls for Windows developers that use ActiveX, OCX, VBX and DLLs.
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USENET Compression FAQ

This URL takes you to a compression FAQ that explains compression to technical people as well as describing the various programs, and what they do to users.
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Video Compression Components

Third-party video compression software components for programmers.
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ARJ Software

Offers file compression utilities using the ARJ format for 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.
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PKZIP is the original security and compression utility for Windows desktop, server, IBM OS and Linux. Offers 30 day free trial period.
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RAR/WinRAR support site

A support site for RAR and WinRAR archivers.
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SolutionSoft Systems, Inc.

E-Space, compression software for online archiving and disk space management.
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GZIPSite Website Compression

Tool that can help you make static HTML websites run 50% faster and save 50-80% of the bandwidth.
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Archive Comparison Test

A set of benchmarks designed to show the state of the art in lossless data compression, by Jeff Gilchrist.
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Quantization, Compression, and Coding Library. C source code freely available.
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Free and simple to use Windows application that handles a variety of archive file formats, including .ace, .arc, .arj, .cab, .gz, .lha, .jar, .rar, .tar and of course .zip.
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Smacker Video Technology

A compressor for video, animation and sound data includes video compression with twice the video quality and now uses the Bink audio codec for perceptually lossless 8 to 1 compression.
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Automatic File Archiver by JSPayne

Does automatic archiving and backup of recently modified.
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Companion tool for WinRAR for preserving NTFS alternate streams.
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Compression for Lotus Notes, that automatically compresses attached files into ZIP files or self-extracting files. Features full integration with the Lotus Notes email client software.
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CoffeeCup Zip Wizard

Free Zip and Unzip utility including Zip Wizard that has built-in e-mail and FTP functions allowing files be compressed and sent in a single step.
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Maximum Compression

Aims to show the maximum achievable lossless data compression ratio for several filetypes (text, executable, bmp). The best 150+ programs for every filetype are shown in a table indicating compression ratio and switches/options used to achieve that compression.
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Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives. Formats 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR are supported fully, other formats can be unpacked.
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A massively spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library.
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Free zip file utility for opening or creating ZIP archives. Supports password protection.
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Free, portable compression and extraction utilities for archives compressed in .zip format. Discussion forum, source code, and binaries for several platforms.
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A command line port of the 7zip utility to Unix, Mac OS X and BeOS.
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Free LZW file compressor mainly used for creating tar.Z archives, released as source code. For UNIX systems.
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Open source utility for Unix, similar in functionality to gzip or bzip2, but able to take advantage of long distance redundancies in files, which can sometimes produce better compression.
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File archiving and compression utility developed by Thom Henderson and which was popular before zip became predominant in the nineties.
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Smith Micro Software Inc.

Offers Stuffit which creates and expands 25 different files including Stuffit, ZIP, SIT, RAR, MIME on Windows and Macintosh.
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