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Software and Companies for Data Acquisition, Control, Data processing, formats, format conversion, manipulation, integrity checking, data transfer, storage and backup, retrieval, reporting, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), SQL (Software Query Language), data compression methods and algorithms, etc.- Category ID : 59261
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Embarcadero Technologies

Provides database tools to design, develop and administer distributed Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft and IBM databases.
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Kirix Strata

A specialty browser for accessing and manipulating data from the web. View and work with data from web tables, SQL databases, CSV files and RSS feeds.
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Phoenix Software International

Data entry software systems for mainframe and PC. Products provide data entry application development, screen design, as well as advanced processing and validation.
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Lone Star Software Corp.

Unix backup and recovery. Products, like Lone-Tar and the System Crash AIR-BAG.
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RepliWeb, Inc.

Specializes in peer-to-peer, many-to-one, and one-to-many file replication, file synchronization and file distribution for production environments.
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The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

The Newsletter About How to Manage Data as a Valued Asset. Data Modeling, process modeling, object modeling, data warehouse administration.
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Data Management Center

Home Page for Data Resource Management, Data Warehouse, Data Modeling, Database Management.
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InfoAdvisors IRM Site

Enhancing the value of your Information Resources. This page includes topics of interest to Data Analysts and Administrators, IRM Analysts, Quality Assurance analysts and others dedicated to providing high quality information systems.
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Great Hill Corporation

Internet software company with titles that include an online scheduler and HTML calendar software.
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Vesper Software, LLC

Developed custom reporting software for the grocery store industry. Our products include an electronic journal for the NCR 2127 and interactive, multi-media touch screen kiosks.
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NTP Software

Provider of storage management solutions that deliver compliance, control, reporting, planning, cost allocation, content filtering, user management, and quotas.
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Evergreen Interactive Systems

Producer of the AS/400 Report Downloader, a client/server utility for moving AS/400 report data to other formats.
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SalesPro Technologies, Inc

A remote order entry software that allows internet sales orders and updates, and supports customization for many industries including food service, pharmaceutical, wholesale, distributor and mail order entry.
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Provides online support resources for oracle database professionals. Features include, oracle dba scripts, backup and recovery, performance tuning, free certification training (OCP) and dba forums
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Enable Soft, Inc.

Provides business efficiency technology software solutions for data moving, mass maintenance and file conversion tasks.
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Data entry and verification package.
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State Information Services

Offers online tax data and tax maps for New Jersey.
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Acmeware, Inc

Specialized in the development of corporate desktop environment and infrastructure.
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Ravichandra Systems and Computer Services Ltd

Data processing and IT enabled services.
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Gplex Database

Database metadata search appliance.
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Nimaya Inc.

Software providing a real-time, contextually-sensitive view of the customer.
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Full 360

Specializes in on-shore and off-shore BI and data warehouse solutions including metaController, scheduler software to manage data warehousing and business intelligence processes.
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IBM Information Management Library for Technical Resources

Contains data sheets, demos, documentation, publications, reports, tutorials, and videos.
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Dataguise Inc.

Software to generate data sets de novo or by masking production data, for use in application testing.
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Meetings management Platform. Access through website, facebook, or cellular phones.
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ATK Solutions Inc.

Services include custom software design, database administration, and development.
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SER Software Solutions

Provides Data Extract and Load software and data management consulting services
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Open-E Inc.

A developer of data storage software DSS v7.
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Duplo Fast Data Sync

Duplo is the fastest bidirectional synchronization software compatible with all most popular databases, regardless of applications, operating systems and geographical locations.
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IP-guard Data Loss Prevention Solution

Effectively elimates internal threats to prevent data leaks and safeguard your sensitive data.
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Delivers an IT automation solution that allows you to automate IT support process in any environment, cloud or data center.
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Information Management

Online magazine containing original articles, columns and product reviews. Includes DM Direct, a bi-monthly e-zine, large, focused sections on topics from analytic applications to data warehousing.
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Software Pursuits, Inc.

Offers SureSync, a file synchronization utility that allows users to specify the files they want replicated on a scheduled basis or in real-time.
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30 Digits Web Extractor

This software allows the gathering of web information for monitoring brands, products, or competitors. It can easily structure and normalize this data for integration or further processing.
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Data management software solution for automating data entry analysis, processing, mining, facilitate real-time data integration, migration, and cleaning, and build business process automation
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IBM Data Magazine

The magazine’s mission is to deliver content on data management developments and IBM advances, as well as create a community of information management professionals.

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