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This category is for communications software, generally computer-to-computer communications. It is not the appropriate category for telephony software, including paging, nor it is the proper place for shareware, including chat software.- Category ID : 59096
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TAL Technologies

Software company specializing in serial data acquisition, instrument control, communications and bar code software products. Products include Serial I/O driver, Serial communications software and TCP/IP communications software.
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Boldon James

Developers of innovative communications software, specializing in secure messaging, directories and legacy systems integration.
3 -

Interactive Intelligence

Software communications solutions to enterprises, contact centers, and other organizations. Products designed for SIP-enabled IP telephony and IP PBX as well as traditional TDM solutions.
4 -

Metropolis Technologies, Inc.

Call Accounting software for hotels and businesses running Windows 95/98/NT.
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Ericom Software

Ericom is the developer of the PowerTerm series of terminal emulation products. These products guaranty reliable pc-to-host connectivity and support a full line of emulation types, including IBM (TN3270E, 3270, 3278), Digital (VT520, VT420,VT320,VT220), Wyse and General Data.
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Offers a full featured e-mail and news reader in one program.
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Offers FaxWizard for Windows 95, 98, NT4.0, ME, 2000 and XP.
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VyPRESS Research

Software for direct instant messaging and chatting in LAN (instead WinPopup), intranet and Internet.
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Universal RS232 data protocol analyzer is a Windows PC based RS232 serial data protocol analysis software application designed for technicians and engineers. Designed to display and record high speed serial data using the PC serial port(s).
10 -

Interactive Sales Solutions, Inc.

Provides interactive voice response (IVR) data collection systems and services tailored to the sales, merchandising, and survey industries.
11 -

CTI Communications

Manufacturer of computer software specifically oriented toward secure TCP/IP or 3780 BSC electronic mailboxing store-and-forward file transfer applications.
12 -

Satmaster Satellite

Satellite link budget, antenna aiming and solar outage software.
13 -

NetSupport Inc.

Home of the remote control software, NetSupport Manager. Runs on Dos. Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT 4.0/5.0, OS/2, Alpha. Also runs over LAN, WAN and Internet.
14 -

SDD Systems

AS400 and NT call accounting software and hospitality industry telemanagement systems.
15 -

ComForte GmbH

TANDEM terminal based application access
16 -

SHF Computers LTD

Software consulting, development and testing for communications, real-time and other systems in various development environments.
17 -

Wireless Applications Corp.

Telecommunications software and engineering consulting.
18 -

TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.

Provides web enabled Call Accounting Software (WinCall) and Telecom Bill Tracking software (WinBill) to control your complete telecommunications operation.
19 -

Crytycal Services Management

Provider of software and service solutions for proactive secured remote monitoring and maintenance of voice, data and network products.
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Call Accounting and Telemanagement software for business telephone systems.
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Business communications solutions including VoIP PBX systems. Also offer Unix to Windows connectivity and terminal emulation systems. Based in Plano, Texas, USA.
22 -

LAN Messenger

Instant LAN messaging for the office - communications and management applications and software.
23 -


Provides one window for all messages, protocols included are DICT, IRC, gale, Maildir, a timer, and Yahoo! Pager.
24 -


A communications platform providing for all transfers directly from IBM AS/400 hosts.
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