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Market Data Websites

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FactSet Research Systems

Supplier of market data and economic information to the investment management and banking industries.
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Arcontech Ltd.

Custom software solutions and products for integrating market data systems. London based. CityVision products include bespoke and packaged systems for: feed handlers, distributors, trading transaction systems, protocol conversion.
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Digifeed Ltd.

Contact details and profile of UK company providing exchange servers and consulting services for market data systems, trading support.
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IPUG: Information Providers User Group

Daily updated global news of events on market data vendors and the electronic financial marketplace. Links to many market data sites, list of contact details for IPUG executive members, members only area with meeting minutes.
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Green Hat Consulting Ltd.

Products and services from this UK software development firm specializing in feed handlers for market data systems based on Tibco Rendezvous, CI Server.
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RCP Consultants Ltd.

Products include straight through processing for foreign exchange / money market operations, such as Ticket Base which captures trade information from Reuters Dealing 2000. Also active in automotive software and wireless communications. ISO9000 certified.
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SyMTec Solutions Ltd.

Financial messaging and transaction software to work with S.W.I.F.T., telex, fax, email. Based in London, UK.
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Caplin Systems Ltd.

Real-time publishing of market data and transaction software over the Internet, Bridge, Telekurs, or Reuters networks. Creator of RTTP protocol and products: PriceMaster, WebSheet, WebTools.
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Tradermade International Ltd.

Gateway to online real time technical analysis.
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GL Trade

Products and Services from this French firm specializing in order routing and management for electronic trading on European Bourses, such as GL Win, GL NET, TRADERNET.
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