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Magic Software

Offering web development tools, customizable enterprise-level applications, and services.
2 -

THINK Subscription

Provides services and technology to manage subscriptions, memberships, and time-based products on the web.
3 -

VeriFone, Inc

Offers transaction processing software to handle payments on websites/computers. Support for credit cards, checks, gift cards, debit and EBT.
4 -

Sapiens NV

Develops and markets solutions for rapid and cost-effective creation, re-engineering and maintenance of mission-critical enterprise software applications.
5 -

Level 8

Markets Geneva Integration Suite, a toolset for application integration, enterprise messaging, business process automation, and application engineering.
6 -

WebGenie Software

Helps you implement electronic commerce tools necessary to develop and manage your web site without any external assistance.
7 -


An e-business technology for the rapid deployment of high performance transaction based business systems for electronic commerce.
8 -


Provider of web commerce systems with a focus on ISPs, hosting services and their customers.
9 -


Delivers retail EDI solutions.
10 -

Galileo Commerce

Offers a suite of tools for merchants to organize and manage their store.
11 -

eComm PRO

Software for the rapid development of e-commerce sites.
12 -

Universal Data Interface Corporation

Developer of an XML-based middleware tool for data integration and B2B e-commerce.
13 -


Offer e-commerce seller tool for eBay merchants.
14 -

LaGarde, Inc.

E-commerce store creation software for Microsoft FrontPage.
15 -


Multi currency e-commerce solution for existing web sites.
16 -


Software that allows customers to sell anywhere using a wide range of current and emerging e-commerce models.
17 -


Provides e-commerce software solutions that allow merchants to easily establish on-line storefronts for selling on the Internet.
18 -


A full eCommerce Internet publishing engine.
19 -

Mailware Mail Order Software

Web-enabled software for mail order companies. Features include, Order Entry, Customer Database, Inventory Management, Advertising Tracking, and a full report writer. A free demo is available for download.
20 -


Web based contact manager and online project tracking software. Web promotion, search engine positioning and ranking services.
21 -


Markets Corporate Modeler, ERP Modeler and E2-Modeler Process Modeling programs.
22 -

MB Commerce Ltd.

Designs, builds, hosts and supports information, web and commerce solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of business clients.
23 -

Albany Software Limited

Provides software for electronic automation of business processes. Albany is a Sage Developer and Pegasus e-commerce partner.
24 -

Imagiforce Corporation

Offers a variety of shopping cart software programs.
25 -


Offers several e-commerce software packages ranging from small business solutions to interactive CD-ROM cataloging systems.
26 -

update software AG

Supplier of industry-sector oriented CRM solutions. Based in Vienna, Austria, with branches throughout Europe.
27 -


Offers geoStore, geoManager, and geoSetup, software to build and manage e-commerce sites.
28 -


A suite of integrated web applications designed to facilitate customer interaction and collaborative transactions on the Web.
29 -


Provides e-commerce solutions offering rapid development and deployment (RAD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Personalization. Built on technologies such as XML, XSL and XSP.
30 -

eBizTotalSolution. Inc

Software for B2B B2C, supply chain management, vendor inventory control, MRP, ERP module, referral engine, and shopping carts.
31 -

Runner Technologies, Inc.

Runner Technologies specializes in the design and implementation of development tools for enabling Rapid Application Design for Web and Oracle Forms applications.
32 -

Pattern Discovery

Basic Permission Portal software provides the consumer with a private, personal, link with the ecommerce sites that they choose to visit. It is private, because it resides on your pc, and nobody sees, or has access to it but you.
33 -

Global VMI

Supply-side management software for e-business that gives access to both real-time and historical data.
34 -

ecPartner Shopping Cart Systems

Advanced shopping cart system for your secure e-commerce transactions. Allows you to take secure credit card payments.
35 -

Softshare, Inc.

A provider of electronic commerce software and services with expertise in the area of EDI, XML and data integration.
36 -

Pandell Technology Corporation

Providers of software and business services for oil and gas companies, as well as web-based PLI solutions for enterprise firms.
37 -


Provides software designed to help companies define and manage pricing by determining the right prices for products and services based on customer behavior.
38 -

ILLY Computer Systems Ltd.

Developers of software systems for banking and finance operations.
39 -

Beyond Solutions

Auction software, database and e-commerce development.
40 -

Shift4 Corporation

Credit card and transaction processing applications.
41 -

End Design

Portal Builder provides a scalable platform to run a community of e-commerce stores from a single site, with tools to build, host and manage an online shopping centre.
42 -

Scala Business Solutions

Collaborative ERP software - integrating Internet technology and traditional ERP functionality.
43 -

a2z, Inc.

Online solution for managing and marketing conferences, exhibitions, conventions, seminars, expositions and trade shows.
44 -


Provides retail florist website templates, custom design and hosting, and programming for POS system integration. Includes design portfolio.
45 -

Web eStore

Offers personal and store building websites using a web-based page editor. Packages include design, templates and hosting with payment made monthly.
46 -

Brolin Corporation

Ecommerce, web portal, and business management solutions. Provides details of the various products and services available to business clients.
47 -


Subscription-based suite of applications including shopping cart and promotion and customer management tools.
48 -

ABAS Software AG

Development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies.
49 -

Art Technology Group, Inc.

Provides e-commerce and web marketing software.
50 -

WebsiteCM Software Inc

Specialize in designs, modifications and custom work for the x-cart ecommerce platform. Offers tutorials and technical information on available mods.
51 -


Allows users to post Powerpoint presentations on the web in a custom streaming format.

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