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1 -

HDF Software

Polish firm offers barcode ActiveX controls for 1-Dimensional and 2-D codes, and applications for generating bar codes.
2 -


Out-of-the-box, customizable warehouse management and asset tracking suite.
3 -

Progressive Microtechnology

Barcode software, printers and supplies. Includes labeling software for Windows and other operating systems.
4 -

Portable Technology Solutions.

PTS barcode enabled data collection software, and barcode kits. Includes asset management, route accounting, sales, maintenance, and inspection.
5 -

Morovia Corporation

Barcode utilities, and barcode components. Software descriptions, Company profile, learning center, and download.
6 -

MW6 Technologies

Canadian company offers barcode ActiveX solutions.
7 -


Barcode components for Borland Delphi, C++Builder. Support for more than 40 barcode symbologies (linear, stacked, matrix), supported report tools: direct draw on the TCanvas, ACE reporter, QuickReport, Report Builder, Fast Report, Rave Report.
8 -


Offers 1d and 2d barcode generation software that supports various standards. Also offer a barcode reading product that processes scanned barcode images in common graphics formats. [Java]
9 -


Developer of ActiveX, Win32 DLL, and JavaBean tools for barcode solutions.
10 -

Inlite Research, Inc.

Barcode recognition solutions, and image processing software. Company profile, overview of products and services.
11 -

Euro Plus

Software house specialised in the area of the Automatic Identification. Developer of the NICE Label - The professional barcode labeling software, and thermal transfer printer Windows drivers for most major thermal printers.
12 -


Barcode fonts, macros, image creators and developers kits for Windows software. Testware versions of all products available from the site, including labelling programs and barcode-enabled databases.
13 -

Loftware Inc.

Client and server based Barcode labeling and printing solutions for RP/MRPII/WMS.
14 -

Barcoding Inc.

A supplier and service company dealing with both software and hardware for barcoding, rfid and wireless systems.
15 -

Measurement Equipment Corporation

Offers products for creating, printing, and using barcodes, including books, fonts, RAM-resident software, function libraries and programs for creating artwork.
16 -

How Stuff Works: Universal Product Code (UPC)

Informative tutorial helps you understand UPC bar codes used on just about everything you buy, including how to decode the actual bars.
17 -

Cobra Systems

Distributes barcode/label printers, labeling software, service, and barcoding supplies.
18 -

Integrated Software Design, Inc.

Developer of bar code labeling software, enterprise-wide bar coding solutions and bar code fonts. Also provides compliance system design consulting and implementation services.
19 -


Bar Code readers, portables, terminals, printers, radio frequency networks, auto applicators, scanners fixed/hand held and RF, printing software. Free FedEx shipping.
20 -

Flexible Information Systems Inc.

Makers of LabelVision a powerful bar code label design and printing software.
21 -

Rivers Edge Corp.

Bar code fonts, readers and bar code scanners for Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, PCL, DOS and AFP.
22 -

Raco Industries

Offers, price marking labeler guns, point-of-sale products, labeling software, tag attachers, labels, supplies and accessories from name brand manufacturers.
23 -

Jadak Technologies

New York area engineering company provides auto-id systems design and integration.
24 -

International Barcode, Ltd.

Company provides a source of information on barcode-related software, hardware and consumables online. Includes Barcode scanners and printers.
25 -

Bar Code Graphics, Inc.

Assisting other companies with getting high quality bar code symbols on their products and shipments.
26 -

Beechman and Company

Bar code fonts, image software, labelling, hardware, point of sale software, and stock control software.
27 -

Postage Saver Software

Low cost software and resources for postal bulk mail. Includes postnet barcode font, bulk mail preparation tutorials, software for barcoding and sorting postal bulk mail.
28 -

DataMAX Software Group, Inc.

RFgen Barcode Data Collection allows users to integrate barcode scanners with their current database and inventory management software.
29 -

Barcodes For Business

Supplies a range of barcode products including bar code and label printers, PC linked scanners, mobile bar code scanners and labelling software.
30 -

Nutech Systems

Offers barcode data collection products that run on either iSeries/400 or Windows platforms. Features Manufacturing Inventory, Warehouse Management, Transaction Manager, Job Reporting, and Time and Attendance modules.
31 -

Premier Electronics

Specializing in bar code data collection, scanners, printers, software, batch and RF terminals.
32 -

Internet Barcode Implementation FAQ and Tutorial

Discusses screen resolutions, advantages and disadvantages of various implementations, and the reading of barcodes via web applications.
33 -

Advantage Information Products

AIP is a supplier of bar code, label, and tracking software.
34 -

Seagull Scientific

Contains information on label printing software, label design software, bar code software or true Windows printer drivers.
35 -

Barcoding Systems

Suppliers of barcoding and labelling systems to the reseller and systems integrator market.
36 -

Instant Data Systems

IDS provides barcode data collection hardware, software, data collection consulting and system implementations.
37 -

Diamond Scan

Complete windows point of sale software for touch screen computer systems in grocery stores and gas stations. Fuel control and pay at the pump features.
38 -

Aurora Barcode Technologies

Complete systems and solutions using bar code technology for most any application. Offers scanners, printers, labels, and software.
39 -

Data ID Systems

Offering an array of integrated bar-code readers, printers and software. These can be integrated with communications to identify, monitor and track far more than just stock.
40 -

Current Directions, Inc.

Information about bar-code, other automatic data collection and industrial control products and services.
41 -

Stratix Corporation

Offers bar code verifiers, warehouse management systems, scanners, pre-printed labels, and printing equipment.
42 -

Advanced Interactive Solutions

Business accounting software and automated electronic UPS certified shipping system.
43 -

RVB Systems Group

Turn-key barcode labeling and scanning systems, discount equipment, software and supplies.
44 -

Opal Technology Brokerage Ltd

They buy and sell new and used barcode equipment. mostly Symbol and Telxon.
45 -


Specialise in mobile solutions for automatic data capture for operating systems including Windows 2000/XP, Windows CE .Net and Pocket PC.
46 -

Pick to Light Fulfillment

Site offers a pick to light order fulfillment system. Improves speed and accuracy of order processing.
47 -

Barcode Service, Inc.

Site offers barcode verification products.
48 -

Barcode Basics

Barcode scanners, readers, printers, and other related equipment.
49 -

Data Support, Inc.

Barcode labels and printers, asset tracking, inventory tracking complete with software applications.
50 -

Innovative Programming Systems, Inc.

Automotive scanning solutions for both your Parts Department and Vehicles.
51 -

Fath Software

Company sells BarcodeX ActiveX component capable of producing almost every industrial barcode type.
52 -

Databar Bar Code Systems

Company distributes bar code scanners, readers and software for use in libraries, retail and commercial applications.
53 -

Liberty Systems, Inc.

Company offers expansive product line of new and refurbished data collection products including terminals, software, printers and wireless networks.
54 -

UScan Bar Code Scanning System

Universal bar code scan system for online purchases and information.
55 -

Data-ware Barcode Products

Barcode scanners, readers, printers and label systems linked to an online catalogue of bar code solutions.
56 -

CIM Concepts

Providing barcoding software, certified SAP interface, and enterprise mobile computing solutions.
57 -

All My Papers

Software products, data sheets and white papers used in capturing data from scanned images. Technologies include bar code reading, MICR reading, image processing and TWAIN scanner control.
58 -

Manufacture a range of barcode readers for either Mac or PC. Also manufacture credit card readers, bar coding and business software all at competitive prices. UK
59 -


Manufacturer of on-line shop floor barcode data collection equipment, software and systems using both serial multidrop networking as well as Ethernet for real-time connection to the corporate LAN.
60 -

BMI Systems Group

Specialize in the implementation of asset or inventory tracking and photo ID systems. Barcode hardware, software, equipment, supplies and services.
61 -

Triskelion Ltd

Offers online PostNet decoding software written in JavaScript with instructions and FAQ.
62 -

ConnectVia Solutions, Inc.

Systems Integrator of wireless terminals and all professional services required to install, implement, train, and support turnkey solutions. Scanners, terminals and Pen systems: Bar Code software.
63 -

The Culver Group

Barcode data collection systems for government and industry featuring turnkey hardware and software from Welch Allyn, Hand Held Products, Intermec, and Symbol.
64 -


Company specializes in the design and implementation of data collection and warehouse management technologies.
65 -

Custom PC Programming

Offering barcode software, bar code label printing and custom PC computer programming.
66 -

Barns N Stripes

Offers software, hardware and services relating to bar codes, including label software, scanners, specifications, checksum calculators, and an industry search engine.
67 -

Panatrack Systems and Consulting

offers data-collection and tracking solutions featuring barcode and RFID technology.
68 -


Offers label design, ERP and host connectivity, and RFID tag programming software. Also offers printer drivers and software samples.
69 -

CYBRA Corporation

Offers MarkMagic/400 bar code label software for the AS/400 and i-Series servers.
70 -

System ID Warehouse

Offers barcode scanners and other inventory control equipment including barcode printers, hardware, software, labels, supplies and services. Also offers bar code reference materials. A free printed catalog.
71 -


Offer inventory software enabling customers to manage, control, and review inventory levels in real time in a single facility or across an enterprise.
72 -

Barcode Server

A server that generates barcode images upon request. Source code available.
73 -

Z-Space Technologies, Inc.

Offers custom and off-the-shelf barcode, inventory control, portable data collection, and database solutions.
74 -


German company offers a barcode DLL for integration into Windows applications.
75 -

Datalogic SpA (Italy)

European manufacturer of bar code readers and portable data collection terminals. Online product data sheets and case histories.
76 -

AccuCode Inc.

Full service integrator of data collection and data management technology and systems.
77 -

Scanalyst Verification Software

Verification software checks barcodes for ANSI and labeling conformance.
78 -

Lead Technologies

Barcode modules allow you to read and write Linear, CodeOne and PDF417 bar codes with support for 18 different sub-types.
79 -


Offers barcodes on Web pages for e-commerce and similar applications. Web designers can create a unique barcode on the page to identify the user. Compatible with all browsers.
80 -

Blue Jay Software

Offers custom data collection solutions for municipalities and government agencies.
81 -

AirClic Inc.

Provides enabling software and scanning devices to facilitate the deployment of easy to use mobile barcode and number based consumer and enterprise applications globally.
82 -

Image Computer Systems Ltd

Supplier of software to design and print in-store SEL, tickets and signs. Integration with existing EPoS system.
83 -


Offers a POS Application used for Retail, Fast Food, Rental, Restaurants applications. Runs on Windows PC. Demo available.
84 -

Birger Rauh Systemtechnik

Offers SAP R/3 Barcode Software. The software solution prints bar codes on any printer type without extra hardware. Software works with any SAP R/3 Release. German Site.
85 -


Barcode and product identification specialists providing custom information management solutions to fit your personal needs. Canada.
86 -

Integrator of barcode data collection, mobile systems, access control systems and biometrics identification systems. Located in Bucharest.
87 -


Singapore company offers barcode labeling software and components for industrial and business applications. Download demo or purchase online.
88 -

Premier Solutions

Specialise in the provision of bar code and data collection systems.
89 -

Sound Software

A Bar Code Package for the IBM Mainframe makes it easy to print bar coded documents from the Mainframe on hundreds of printers.
90 -

Zoner Barcode Studio

A barcoding program that creates, exports, imports, prints and archives 17 barcode types.
91 -

UPC Database lookup

Offers look up UPC codes.
92 -

Wasp Bar Code

Professional barcode software and hardware solutions including complete kits, barcode fonts, label software, scanners, printers and developer toolkits.
93 -

Data Systems International

Develops and markets barcode software for Linux, Unix, Windows operating environments and the web.

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