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Testing is a process used to help identifying the correctness, completeness and quality of developed computer software. It aims at identifying defects, where a defect is any variance between actual and expected results In general, software engineers distinguish software faults and software failures. In case of a failure, the software does not do what the user expects. A fault is a programming error that may or may not actually manifest as a failure. A fault can also be described as an error in the correctness of the semantic of a computer program. A fault will become a failure if the exact computation conditions are met, one of them being that the faulty portion of computer software executes on the CPU. A fault can also turn into a failure when the software is ported to a different hardware platform or a different compiler, or when the software gets extended. Software testing may be viewed as a sub-field of software quality assurance (SQA) but typically exists independently (and there - Category ID : 58791
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Compendium Developments Ltd.

Software testing and software quality essays, book reviews, and tools. Authors of Compendium-TA, a commercial modeling tool.
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STAQS - Software Testing and Quality Services

Resources and information for software testers, programmers, software engineers, and students interested in testing.
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Software Testing

Weblog on software testing, testing tools and resources.
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Professional Tester

An English-language bimonthly magazine aiming to provide practical help and inspiration to software testers worldwide. Offers online articles, information about testing companies and an event calendar.
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The Test Management Guide

Offers an alphabetic listing of terms and information about risk management complemented by general information on test management, and methods, the V model, the Quality Gate process and the BS7925-2 standard for software component testing.
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LogiGear Corporation

Providing software testing solutions including test tools, services and training, and a defect tracking solution. Offers articles by testing professionals, links to books and resources.
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Extreme Testing

Software QA and testing resources, testing methodologies and techniques complemented by a testing dictionary, interview questions, a quiz, book reviews, templates, test cases, grey box testing and recommendations.
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Software Testing Analysis and Review Conferences in three cities in North America. Provides software testers and engineers with an advanced software testing forum.

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