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Provides developers with a place to upload, meet, share, exchange ideas and codes, build, improve, bug-fix, read, redistribute, and modify the source code of contributions submitted to the site.
2 -

IBM: developerWorks

An online collection of tutorials, sample code, standards, and other resources provided experts at IBM to assist software developers using open standards and cross-platform technologies.
3 -

Programmers Heaven

A site for programmers with thousands of links and files to explore. Everything from Assembler to Visual Basic can be found here.
4 -


Information on Open Source software movement. Also provides a collection of links to Linux, programming languages, databases, and networking.
5 -


A collection of news, resources, and tools for software engineering, computer programming, and information technology management.
6 -

Zen Spider Website

Information and tools for language writers and programmers.
7 -

Planet Source Code

Lets programmers submit code for review by other programmers; many source code samples to help educate beginners on many concepts; contests where programmers vote for the most efficient, useful code recently submitted.
8 -

Provides link directory, technical articles, news, forum, and online books for Java, Linux, JavaScript, Perl, ActiveX, Visual Basic, HTML, DHMTL, XML, ColdFusion, C and C++.
9 -


Programming resources, tutorilas and FAQs. Also geometric formulas. Microsoft OS and program tutorials.
10 -

Microsoft Developer Network

Provides articles, whitepapers, interviews, and sample code for software developers using Microsoft products.
11 -

Source code and tips for Java, PHP, VB, VBScript and other programming languages.
12 -

For Programmers

Programming related resources, including manuals, code examples, tutorials for C/C++, Perl, MySQL, Bash, Sed/Awk, CSS, Javascript.
13 -

BigProf Software

Contains PHP and C source code and resources for programmers. Offers tools for free download.
14 -


Recent news and events with specific market studies and resources for software developers. Localised for the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.
15 -


Guidelines for good software design/web page design (and examples of what not to do!), plus open-source tools and libraries for developers, focussing on Java, Perl, Javascript, CGI, and XML.
16 -


Free online computer books, documentations and references. All which can be viewed, copied and printed at no charge for private use.
17 -

Free online programming and computer science books (Linux, Java, Microsoft tools, C/C++, Perl and Python).
18 -

Sourcecodes World

Collection of computer projects, programs, source codes, tips and resources in C, C++, Java, Java Script, ASP, COBOL, Pascal.
19 -

Directory of computer e-books

Links to programming related online e-books.
20 -


Resources for C/C++, Visual C++ and C# .Net including tutorials and articles, free source codes, and open source utilities.
21 -

Undocumented Printing

Various information for developers on windows printing.
22 -

Gepard Studio

Sources (Pascal, Delphi, C, Java), games (Java,C).
23 -

Books by Patrick Henry Winston and Friends

Patrick H. Winston, (co-)author of "On To Java, Third Edition", "On To Smalltalk", "On To C++", "On To C", Artificial Intelligence, and Lisp presents his book.
24 -


Source code, tips and tricks. Most source is free.
25 -


Search engine for open source code, projects and technical pages.
26 -


Resources for Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, Macintosh and Palm.
27 -

Developer Fusion

Tutorials and source code for VB, ASP, PHP, XML, SQL Server, C#, C++ and .NET developers. Plus software reviews, developer jobs, blogs and a discussion forum.
28 -

Articles, tutorials, and forums for web developers and programmers.

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