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Programming methodologies is a complex field, with many methodologies, and names, and many goals and means to reach them: structured programming, programming by refinement, program analysis and verification, refactoring, and many more. Methodologies are developed to enhance one or more programming variable: programming, program speed, reliability, conformance to user/customer needs, reusability, code reuse and sharing, information hiding, etc. Some methodologies are more formal than others, some are embodied in formal tools, programs, etc. Many methodologies involve object-oriented programming. On this page, methodologies are arranged in three groups and levels: 1) Top: named methodologies. 2) Middle: types or classes of modeling languages used in development. 3) Bottom: specific modeling languages, with their own directory category.- Category ID : 58711
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Introduction to Thoughtful Programming and Forth Philosophy

By Michael Misamore; essay with text and references, on a flexible, proven, back-to-basics, minimalist philosophy that operates consistently from low to high abstraction levels; with ideas for future improvements. [Freely Distributable]
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DSM Forum

Forum exists to spread the knowledge and know-how of domain-specific modeling. Examples applying in industrial applications, events, publications, links.
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Methodology (Software Engineering)

Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
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Waterfall 2006

International Conference on Sequential Development: Learn how slow, deliberate handoffs (with signatures) between groups can slow the rate of change on any project so development teams have more time to spend on anticipating user needs through big, upfront design. Humor.
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Cleanroom Software Development Methodology

Introduction, overview, and examples; by John W. Shipman.
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Offers hosted requirements management and use case software.
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Object Orientation Tips

Articles on Methodologies in object-oriented design, Patterns, persistence, analysis and Use Cases, distributed objects, components and agents.
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Extreme Programming (XP) Six Sigma CMMI

JPMorgan Chase case study of how to use together the methodologies of XP, Six Sigma, and Capability Maturity Model Integration.
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Software Development Methodology

Comprehensive article (with attached video) about the models and their differences.

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