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Compilers Websites

Category for compilers, and the theory and practice of creating them. This category does not include compilers for specific languages, which are found elsewhere in subcategories for the source languages involved. Systems for generating separate compiler components (lexers/parsers, code generators or transformation tools) or cross-compilers are found in their respective subcategories under /Compilers.- Category ID : 57271
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Dmitry Smaghin

A collection of educational compilers, assemblers, disassemblers, interpreters with sources (C, Pascal). Links to freeware compilers. [English, Russian]
2 -

SIGPLAN: Programming Languages

ACM special interest group that explores the implementation and efficient use of programming languages.
3 -

The comp.compilers Newsgroup

Home page of newsgroup. Searchable full archive of messages from 1986, file archive, RSS feed.
4 -

Turbo Pascal 3.0 compiler and code generation internals

Internals of one-pass compiler by example Pascal compiler.
5 -

Softpanorama Bookshelf / Compiler Construction

Reviews of compiler books, with links to Amazon just in case you want to buy one
6 -

Compiler Jobs

Compiler job openings at companies and universities.
7 -

The Compiler Connection

A listing of compiler companies, compiler research projects, benchmarks, and compiler job listings.
8 -

Directory, search engine of compiler-related sites. People, books, papers, publishers, decompiling, generators (scanner, parser, backend), translators, compiler compilers, courses, tutorials, library, FAQ, free, companies, tools, mail list, survey/poll.
9 -

Links and Selected Readings for Compiler Writers

GCC extending specific literature, processor chips documentation, collected papers/sites on language standards, compilers, optimization.
10 -

Free Compilers and Interpreters

List of free compilers and interpreters for programming languages with descriptions.
11 -

Bloodshed Software: Compilers Resources

Links to free compilers, with sources, compiler construction toolkits, tutorials, articles, other compiler-related sites.
12 -


Simple programming language and compiler, with sources on its own input language; DOS, Win32 versions. Some information on compiler design. By Andrei V. Khokhlov.
13 -

Free Programming Compilers and Interpreters

Links to free programming compilers and interpreters categorized by language.
14 -

Zngr L

Compiler of the theoretical language L, which is used as a simple language for teaching computation theory.
15 -

Programming Language and Compiler Research Groups

Multi-site working groups and projects listing.
16 -

Researchers in Programming Languages and Compilers

A list of home pages for researchers working on programming language theory, design, implementation, and related areas. Maintained by Mark Leone at CMU.
17 -

Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters

Searchable listing of programming language tools that come with source code.

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