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1 - Open Source Definition

Not a license itself, but a definition of what conditions a license must fulfill in order to be termed an Open Source license.
2 -

IBM - Common Public License (CPL)

Open source software license.
3 -

BSD: FreeBSD Copyright

License for FreeBSD operating system.
4 -

Open Source Software Licensing Page

Some very interesting articles on free software licensing: history, forms, and problems, seen from a commercial view. Links to some license texts and important open source sites.
5 -

BSD: 4.4BSD Copyright

License for 4.4BSD.
6 -

BSD: OpenBSD Copyright Policy

License and background on Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group copyrights.
7 -

GNU General Public License (GPL)

One standard for licensing free software.
9 -

E Licenses

Mozilla or Mozilla compatible, for E programming language.
10 -

Amulet License Agreement

CMU Amulet Toolkit License Agreement.
11 -

Amoeba copyright notice

A free software OS.
12 -

License information for Xinu software

License for the XINU operating system
13 -

Open Group Public License

Open Motif Graphical GUI Software, Public End User License.
14 -

Vita Nuova Inferno Subscription License

Fee based, partly open source, for Lucent network OS.
15 -

Lua Copyright notice

From Brazil, programming language framework.
16 -

Bixoft Public License

A proposal for an Open Source license that clearly distinguishes between software programs and programming tools.
17 -

Open Source Initiative - Licenses

Copies of licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative.
18 -

Affero - General Public License

Copyleft license, derived from the GNU-GPL, designed to protect software distributed as web services.
19 -

The Artistic License

Perl package license.
20 -

Mozilla Public License

Describes the licensing policy of the Mozilla Foundation, and provides the full text of the license, and FAQs.
21 -

PHP Licence Information

Covers licensing issues for developers distributing applications in PHP. Includes links to annotated version of the relevant licenses and other related resources.
22 -

Apache Server Licenses

Overview of the different versions of the Apache licenses.
23 -

Against DRM 2.0

A free copyleft license for artworks, which forbids DRM. Includes licence text, FAQ, and a few translations.
24 -

LaTeX Project Public License

Particularly suited for TeX-related programs.
25 -

eCos License Overview

Summary of license for Red Hat eCos operating system.
26 -

Quick Reference Guide

A chart comparing attributes of major licenses, including the option to select your bias.
27 -

x-kernel Copyright Notice

Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona.
28 -

BSD: NetBSD Licensing and Redistribution

License patterned after FreeBSD Copyright.
29 -

MySQL Licensing

Complex hybrid license: public domain, GPL, LGPL, Open Source, commercial.
30 -

GNU: List of Licenses

Various licenses and comments about them.
31 -

Python License

A very permissive, open source compliant and GPL compatible license used by the team developing the Python programming language.
32 -

Mozilla Public License Version 1.0

Follows the Debian Free Software guidelines.
33 -

Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing

Full text of the book by Andrew M. St. Laurent.
34 -

Ruby License

Dual terms: use GPL terms or its own terms.
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