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Directories of open-source and/or free software.- Category ID : 57178
1 -

Open Source Scripts

Directory of scripts in various languages from Unix Shells to Visual Basic.
2 -

The Free Software Directory

A catalog of free software collected by FSF staff and volunteers. Can be queried or browsed.
3 -

Provides news of the essential new releases and has a directory section where mature open source applications are listed,
4 -

Java Open Source Software

A directory of open source software focused on Java.
5 -

BBC Open Source

Provides information about and links to BBC open source projects.
6 -

My Open Source

A guide to open source software for the Windows platform. Lists most popular downloads and offers a review of each product.
7 -

OS Reviews

Website publishing reviews of free and open source software.
8 -

NASA Open Source Software

Lists open source projects that could be essential to NASA missions.
9 -

Open Source As Alternative

Open source alternatives to commercial software.
10 -

Open Source Software in C#

Directory of open source software focused in C#.
11 -

Open Source IT

Offers a directory dedicated to enterprise grade open source solutions.
12 -

Open Source Software Directory

Provides a list of open source software organized by categories.
13 -


A collection of high quality open source software for Windows. Its programs section works as a simple directory.
14 -


An index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software, and mobile applications. Searchable or browsable by tags.
15 -

Linux App Finder

A catalog of GNU/Linux programs, which can be browsed or searched.
16 -


A DVD-ROM of Free and Open Source Software for Windows compiled by the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society. Its annotated list of files works as a directory, too.
17 -

Open Source .Net

A categorized list of open source C#, VB.NET, ASP.Net projects.
18 -

c# open-source

Directory of open source software using C#.
19 -

Open Source Help Desk Guide

Dedicated to tracking and listing open source help desk software.
20 -


Open source solutions that can be used as alternatives to commercial software.
21 -

Source Archive

A collection of open source code, easily browsable.
22 -

Best Open Source

Lists best open source products and libraries.
23 -

Enterprise Open Source Directory

Enterprise-grade open source applications with expert and user ratings.
24 -

Open Source Help Desk Software

A complete list of open source help desk software packages.
25 -

Open Source Alternative

Provides information about free and open source alternatives to popular commercial software.
26 -

Alternative Pedia

Catalog with popular software and their free or open source alternatives. Visitors can filter alternatives by license and operating system.
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