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Monochrom: Some Code To Die For

On the Birth of the Free Software Movement in 1887. The author compares new code to the constructed language Esperanto.
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Making it in a Post Windows World

The process transitioning from a Windows to a Linux desktop computer, step by step setup instructions for a dialup account, and VNC.
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Open Source Software and Documents - A Literature and Resource Review

Brief introduction to the Open Source movement, provides a review of books, sites, and topics.
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Open-Source Software Development, by Kim Johnson

Explains the competing open source philosophies and development models, with examples of popular open source projects such as Linux, Apache, KDE and Python.
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Wikipedia - Open Source

Long article with examples.
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Collaborative Source Software

This article presents an approach to combine the best of the Open Source and proprietary software development worlds.
7 - Open Source Definition

A definition of the Open Source license for software.
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The Register: Open Source is Good for America - US Military Advised

Andrew Orlowski discusses a report commissioned by the US military about open source and free software.
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Development, Ethical Trading and Free Software

This paper makes the political and ethical case for the adoption of free software by Community Aid Abroad and other members of Oxfam International.
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Free Source as Free Thought: Architecting Free Standards

This paper calls for the support of open standards and non-proprietary software in civil activities, such as public education, taxes, and patent and grant proposals.
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First Monday: Open Source Intelligence

Scientific illustration and analysis of socio-technical approaches that make up a collaborative phenomenon termed Open Source Intelligence, which goes beyond the collaborative coding of software.
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The Wall Street Performer Protocol

This paper sketches out a proposal for the creation of a software completion bond market as a practical implementation of the Street Performer Protocol for the funding of open source software.
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OReilly - Working Without Copyleft

Article argues against the necessity of the Free Software movement tenet of copyleft.
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