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Rugged Hardware Websites

Notebook, handheld or wearable computing devices that are water-resistant or waterproof and capable of surviving drops of at least 48 in. (122cm) onto a hard surface.- Category ID : 56968
1 -

Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc.: CMT

Makes rugged, waterproof computers for field data collecting.
2 -

High performance industrial laptops and ruggedized notebook computers.
3 -

Z Microsystems

Custom field-ready computers, LCD monitors, and mass storage devices.
4 -

Lunchbox Computers

Custom-built rugged portable computers with flat panel displays, standard AT/ATX motherboards, and PCI/ISA expansion slots.
5 -

Sterling Computer Sales Inc.

Industrial portable PCs. Luggable computers.
6 -

The Marine Computing Solution

Nauticomp Marine Computers, Navigational Software, A full line of weather resistant computers, full GPS supporting navigation software.
7 -

CMI Microsystems GmbH

Makes rugged industrial computers with PCI and ISA slots, portable docking stations, ISA expansion boxes, industrial notebooks, and measurement and service systems.
8 -

AMREL Systems, Inc.

Makes ROCKY line of ruggedized notebook computers. Customizeable to customer needs with wireless communication options.
9 -

Two Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer of rugged industrial handheld computers for multiple platforms including Windows CE.
10 -

Handheld Systems, Inc.

Sells rugged field computers and data collection software, authorized dealer for Husky, Itronix, Intermec, Norand, DAP Technologies.
11 -

Interactive Services

Assists customers in mobile technology equipment purchasing, support and repair, wireless site surveying, custom software packages and project management.
12 -

Xplore Technologies

Manufactures rugged mobile computing systems including pen/touch computers, docking stations, wireless communications and peripherals.
13 -

Opus Solutions, Inc

Offer rugged vehicle and mobile ATX computers, ATX DC-DC power supplies, touchscreen LCD monitors and industrial computers.
14 -

USAT Corp.

Expertise in rugged computers, durable video recording systems, and rugged wireless modems. Source for Panasonic Toughbook line.
15 -

DRS Tactical Systems

Offers a full complement of rugged COTS-based computer hardware for land, air and naval applications. Systems range from notebook and vehicle-embedded computers to consoles and flat panel displays.
16 -

Panasonic Toughbooks

Manufactures a line of rugged and semi-rugged notebook computers and tablet PCs.
17 -

Getac Inc.

Manufacturer of rugged laptop and tablet computers that meet military specifications. Includes information on products available and the system testing regime used.
18 -

Group Mobile

Provider of rugged computers, mobile and field-use computing products including laptops, tablet and handheld PCs, mobile printers, vehicle computers, mounts and other accessories.
19 -

Data Ltd. Inc.

Produces rugged tablet PCs, all designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA.
20 -

Blackroc Technology

A hardware and software solutions company specialising in rugged mobile computing and data capture technologies.
21 -

VT Miltope

Supplies rugged computers and peripherals for military, industrial, and commercial applications
22 -

Stealth Computer Corporation

Industrial Computers and peripherals including flat panel monitors, rackmount PCs, industrial keyboards and rugged portable PCs.
23 -

TouchStar Technologies

A global, full service mobile computing provider offering consulting, development, project management, hardware, software, implementation and support.
24 -

Honeywell: Scanning & Mobility

Rugged mobile computing solutions, wireless networking, barcoding, and RF data collection networks.
25 -

DAP Technologies

Manufactures fixed mount PCs, handled computers, and accessories.
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