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The 42 member Digital Future Coalition (DFC) is committed to preserving the time-tested balance between the rights of owners of intellectual property and the traditional use privileges of the public.- Category ID : 56275
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Internet for everyone

Internet support organization in Slovakia, for everyone, news from Slovak telecommunications, protest for cheaper Internet in Slovak Republic. "Internet pre vsetkych"
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Computer and Communications Industry Association

Association of computer product vendors and communications firms lobbying for free trade and open markets
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Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

Regional Internet Registry that allocates IP and AS numbers in the Asia Pacific region. Has a "whois" database that holds information on network contacts for Asia Pacific IP addresses.
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Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WATWG)

An unofficial collaboration of Web browser manufacturers and interested parties who wish to develop new technologies designed to allow authors to write and deploy Applications over the World Wide Web. Includes charter, news, specifications, and demonstrations.
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The Internet Engineering Task Force

Large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. It is open to any interested individual.
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Berkman Center for Internet and Society

A research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development.
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Israel Internet Association

A forum for government, industry, and individuals to debate and formulate Israel Internet network policies and procedures, with a focus for development and evolution on Internet technology.
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RFC Editor Homepage

The official RFC editing organization maintained by IANA. Website includes a fully searchable archive of all RFCs.
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Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IANA controls numbers for protocols, the Country Code Top Level Domains and maintains the IP Address allotments.
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Internet Brothers

Expanding web community by offering free tips and tutorials about HTML and DHTML, graphics editing, site promotion, digital photography, and desktop publishing. Presented often with a touch of humor, and always with examples.
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This site is a resource for female (and male) web designers, developers and programmers, featuring tips and tutorials on a variety of Web related subjects. Features several mailing lists including one for Java script.
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American Registry for Internet Numbers

ARIN is the regional registry of IP and ASN numbers for North America, South America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa.
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Association of Internet Researchers

Organization devoted to the study of the Internet and its various impacts from multidisciplinary fields. Academic based with listserv.
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People For Internet Responsibility

People For Internet Responsibility (PFIR) is a global, grassroots, ad hoc network of individuals who are concerned about the current and future operations, development, management, and regulation of the Internet in responsible manners. The goal of PFIR is to help provide a resource for individuals around the world to help impact crucial Internet issues. Has mailing list.
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Global Information Infrastructure Commission

An initiative of the Center for Strategic and International Studies dedicated to privatizing or creating cooperative public and private enterprise to increase access to the Internet
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Union for Representative International Internet Cooperation and Analysis

An offshoot of People For Internet Responsibility (PFIR) working to promote an organization which will provide international direction and regulation for the Internet. Discussion Board.
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Association Electronique Libre

The AEL is a Belgian-based association whose main goal is finding and supporting non-proprietary software. Has mailing list to join.
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The goal of this site is to provide broad and detailed source of information on the Internet regarding standard setting and consortia. Forming a consortium, branding, articles.
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Network Startup Resource Center

A non-profit organization which has been involved for over a decade in the deployment and integration of appropriate networking technology in projects throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania.
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The CreekBed Project

A grass roots organization of individuals who are enthusiastic about the Internet and want to encourage the growth of informational, educational and non-commercial websites.
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A community of communications and computing professionals. Tutorials and Resources for web developers and internet publishers.
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Irish Internet Association

Offers access to seminars, discussion forums, lobbying representation, and bi-monthly digests.
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US Internet Industry Association

Provides education on Internet and technology issues, advocates effective public policy for the Internet, and offers its members essential business news, information, support, services, and access to an legislative database.
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Association for Positive Ethical eXchange (APEX)

Organization to promote the ethical exchange of all ideas, goods or services on the internet, including award programs. Features guidelines, member list and community forum.

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