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Preventing Websites

Sites in this category give information about preventing an e-mail address from being spammed.- Category ID : 56100
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Wikipedia - CAPTCHA

Explains how captcha features can keep spammers from signing up for certain accounts online, such as email or weblogs. Explains how the system can be circumvented as well.
2 -


Generates fake data to give to e-mail harvesting robots.
3 -

How do spammers harvest email addresses?

Several methods are described.
4 -

Spambot Beware

How to avoid, detect and harass spambots. Spambots are programs that extract email addresses from web pages, which are then used as targets for spam.
5 -

How to Block E-mail Relaying

What to do when your computer is used to relay spam.
6 -


Offering anti-spam program and disposable email addresses.
7 -


A consulting company for businesses and governments promoting do-not-email registries. Includes spam news and articles.
8 -

Paul Graham: Antispam

An intensive study essentially discussing spam-filtering techniques.
9 -

How Do Spammers Get Email Addresses?

Twelve ways spammers obtain email address. Includes links to websites explaining how to trace spammers down.
10 -

Outlook Express Tutorial

Step by step explanation with screenshots of how to set filters.
11 -

How to Stop Messenger Spam

Explains how to stop web pop-up spam advertising in Windows Messenger.
12 -

Email address encoder

Transforms ascii email addresses into their equivalent decimal entity through the use of Character Entities.
13 -

Email Address Encoder

Offers simple and user challenge JavaScript based email encoder to prevent email harvesting.
15 -

Universal opt-out by domain list; created as a "convenient opt-out" measure per the CAN-SPAM act.
16 -

Anti-Spam | Stop Spam Bots

Converts HTML code to hide email address from spam bots.
17 -

SEC Suspends Trading of 35 Companies Touted in Spam Email Campaigns

Press release from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, explaining their recent actions to help curb stock tout spam.
18 -

Anti-Spam tips and Resources for Webmasters

Tips to publish email addresses on the web more safely. Includes a text-to-image converter and javascript encoders.
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