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Online tool and web-based services for email marketing.- Category ID : 56078
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Constant Contact

Self-service email marketing solution to create, send and track HTML email newsletters.
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Electronic newsletter and email communication tools.
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Creates, sends, manages, and tracks responses in email campaigns.
4 -

Ennect Mail

Web-based solution that creates HTML emails and visually analyze results.
5 -

Windy Mail

Web-based email solution with WYSIWYG editor. Provides content for niche categories.
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Hosted and licensed permission email marketing solutions. Include dynamic content in emails.
7 -


Web-based solution to create, send and track email and mobile SMS campaigns.
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Elite Email

Small business and enterprise solutions to create, send and track email marketing campaigns. Offers a specialized version tailored to MySpace users.
9 -


Self-service tool to create and monitor HTML emails. Pricing is in Pounds.
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Multi-lingual user interface and WYSIWYG editor to create CRM emails. Based in Belgium.
11 -


An electronic publishing ASP including list management, e-newsletter advertising placement.
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Fusion Express

Web-based email newsletter tool with contact capture features. Pricing in Pounds.
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Email Transmit

Collect, import, manage and organize your email addresses. Compose emails with an online HTML editor and track results.
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Email marketing system designed for the non-profit sector. UK based.
15 -


Online software to send, manage and track email newsletters. Australia based.
16 -


UK based provider of email marketing services to create email campaigns. Choose between managed or self-service options. Offers partner programs.
17 -


Email creation, list hosting, tracking and reports, bounce handling and ISP relations. Headquarters in Israel.
18 -

Action Message

Web based email marketing application. Create and send opt-in email marketing campaigns.
19 -

Mailing Manager

Create email newsletters, send to subscribers and track the results. UK based.
20 -


Web-based email marketing service. Includes options to send bilingual campaigns focusing on English and Spanish.
21 -

Relevant Tools

Custom web forms, contact database management and email campaign tools.
22 -


Branded email solutions for businesses. Create graphical signatures and templates.
23 -

Email Reach

Web-based email diagnostics service. Review email rendering in various web and desktop clients, monitor delivery and blacklists.
24 -

Real Magnet

Email marketing application to design emails, manage contacts and track results. Send messages through RSS and fax.
25 -

Online Outbox

Create and manage permission-based lists, create triggered messages, and get campaign statistics.
26 -


Web-based solution to send targeted email messages and track and measure response.
27 -


Creates email marketing popups to increase click conversion and attention.
28 -


Email solution provider focused on Credit Unions. Product suite includes email marketing, surveys and text messaging.
29 -

Predictive Response

Email marketing solution that integrates with Salesforce. Define your role hierarchy into your campaigns.
30 -

Mail Marketer

Based in India. Design and send email campaigns using a variety of templates. Track results with reports.
31 -

Email Tracks

Create, send and track HTML emails.
32 -


Create online presentations that can be emailed and tracked.
33 -

Elite Answers

Creates web-based services for the small business and enterprise market. Products include an email marketing service to design, send and track HTML email newsletters.
34 -


Create, send, analyze and manage email and SMS campaigns using a web interface. Based in Australia.
35 -


Allows organizations to create, send, and track email newsletters, surveys, and auto-responders. Offers a video tour of the product.
36 -

Benchmark Email

Offers web-based email marketing tools to send, track and manage newsletters, surveys and online polls.
37 -

Stream Send

Web-based email marketing solution to help increase leads and build lists.
38 -


Enables companies to connect with customers through a variety of online tools, including email marketing and surveys.
39 -

Campaign Monitor

Create, send, and optimize your email marketing campaigns
40 -

Email Marketing Reviews

Detailed reviews of many email marketing service providers by industry professionals and general consumers.
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Online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Offers integrations with other programs.
42 -

My Emma

Offers online marketing tools to send, track and manage all aspects of an email campaign.
43 -


Provider of interactive marketing software and services including email marketing, survey marketing, and SMS marketing.
44 -


Create, send and track html email newsletters. Include pre-written articles or custom article content.
45 -


Email marketing system for small to medium businesses. Contains plans for organizations that have mailing lists of all sizes. Based in New York.
46 -


Web-based email marketing solution for businesses. Create emails and auto-responders with results tracking. Based in Latvia.
47 -

Imnica Mail

Email marketing tool that allows you to build a segmented mailing list, create emails with personalization, and obtain detailed statistics including integration with Google Analytics.
48 -

TemplateZone Store

Download templates for HTML email marketing.
49 -

Inbox Group

Create full-color HTML email marketing newsletters with no programming skills required. 15 day trial.
50 -


Email marketing solution that integrates with iMIS, Destination3000, Olive, and Jenzabar.
51 -


Helps bloggers and website owners with email list management and email creation. Integrates with several third party applications.
52 -


Online web tool for small businesses and freelancers to organize contacts and leads.
53 -


An email marketing service provider, with tools to help create and send targeted email campaigns.
54 -

Email Blaster UK

Create send and track email marketing newsletters. No download required. Based in UK.
55 -


Manage your contacts through the CRM system and then send emails to the right contact with detailed timing. Allows for meta tagging for better organization and targeting.
56 -

Captivate Mail

Create and send email campaigns, manage subscribers, measure campaigns with detailed reports.
57 -


Create email campaign to increase sales, boost customer retention and drive traffic to your website.
58 -

Contact Pigeon

Email marketing service with a dedicated account manager for every customer.
59 -

Power Mailer

Email marketing solution that enables user to create newsletters and manage their mailing list. Based in India.
60 -


Manage contacts, create emails and track opens, clicks, unsubscribes. Includes social share features and Google Analytics integration. Based in India.
61 -


Email marketing platform with Facebook and Twitter integration. UK based.
62 -


Email marketing tool that can help manage email campaigns, newsletters and mailing lists. Based in Czech Republic.
63 -


Email marketing for B2B communications. Send autoresponders and launch drip campaigns.
64 -


Email newsletter solution for small businesses and organizations. Content is supplied for various industries.
65 -

Interact Guru

Create email newsletters, manage subscribers, and track email campaigns. Based in India.
66 -


Email marketing service with automated triggers, lead capture forms and surveys. Based in Istanbul.
67 -

Banana Mail

Over 100 professionally-designed templates that can be modified with custom pictures, text, banners, movie/audio files, links.
68 -


Email validation to clear out bad data from a database and boost email delivery. Also offers phone verification services.
69 -


A tool for designing, writing and sending newsletters for organizations. Based in Denmark.
70 -


Deploy emails and track delivery with web-based software.
71 -


Create professional HTML email campaigns including video and audio emails.
72 -


Transactional email service that provides delivery of emails to the inbox.
73 -

Email Contact

Web-based solution to create email newsletters using customizable templates.
74 -


Create and send email marketing campaigns to nurture and qualify leads. Integrates with Sales Force.
75 -

Dyn: Email Delivery

Create, deliver and track the email campaigns with online software.
76 -

Mail Blaze

Online email marketing service that allows clients to create, send and track their email campaigns. Monthly and pay as you go pricing options.
77 -


Email marketing platform designed for beginners and professionals. Design, Deliver and Report.
78 -


Newsletter tool focused on internal communications. Allows members of an organization to submit content that requires approval for inclusion.
79 -


Email marketing solution based out of Quebec, Canada that with a simple drag and drop editor.
80 -


Create email newsletters with a drag and drop editor as well as forms to build your mailing list.
81 -

Clever Elements

Email marketing service provider based in Germany. Create newsletters using a wizard or use custom html code.
82 -

Savvy Sender

Self-serve, online email marketing service to send emails and track results in real-time.
83 -


Email marketing system with a variety of templates, landing pages generator, A/B analysis. Based out of Slovenia.
84 -


Offers white-label email marketing software as a service.
85 -


Provides online email marketing tools for small, medium and large business to manage contacts, send emails and track results.
86 -


Real time IP blacklist monitoring tool. Monitoring over 121 IP blacklists daily.
87 -


Software as a service that helps sales teams engage customers through integrated communications.
88 -

Email It

Email marketing software that lets you create, send, and track HTML emails. Based in Auckland.
89 -

Address Bin

Send newsletters and drip campaigns directly from your mail client using a special address.
90 -


Marketing software based in India to help businesses automate sales and marketing communications to gain new leads.
91 -

Email Manager

Web-based email marketing tool to create contact lists, send email campaigns, and track reports.
92 -


Kenscio is an enterprise level digital direct marketing company based in India, offering an email marketing platform, social media management Platform and list hygiene solutions.
93 -

Mail Magic

Email marketing solution that services the European market. Offers a variety of training courses and seminars.
94 -


UK based email marketing service provider with many template options and tools to manage subscribers.
95 -

Little Green Plane

UK based email marketing solution to create emails, manage your data, and track reports. Consultants can help with strategy as well.
96 -

Email VM

Record and send video emails to engage your audience and build loyalty. Offers an iOS and Android app as well. Based in California.
97 -


Email marketing solution with self-service and fully managed options. An SMTP relay service is also available.
98 -

Active Demand

Marketing automation and email marketing tool for small businesses, large corporations and agencies.
99 -


India based. Services include email campaign management, lead generation, email marketing consulting, training & workshops.
100 -

Email and mobile SMS messaging solution. API available. UK based.
101 -


Integrated service to manage email, text and webpush campaigns. Create and send newsletters. Analyze your results with reports. Integration options with Rest API.
102 -


Online tool for businesses that allows staff to send branded ecards to their clients and contacts.
103 -

Onovative Banking

Automated outbound marketing & customer analytics software for Banks and Credit Unions.
104 -


Create, send, and track responsive emails that display properly on every device.
105 -


Web based mail marketing service.
106 -

Send Smith

Cloud-based email marketing system that is multi-lingual and offers detailed post campaign reporting.
107 -

Deluxe: Email Marketing

Send targeted emails for your organization. Create email campaigns using templates, schedule it to send and track results.
108 -

itracMarketer Inc.

Email marketing software with a focus on lead management and overall web presence. Based in Toronto.
109 -


Email and SMS marketing software with social sharing. Analytics & API integration.
110 -


Online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Offers integrations with other programs.
111 -


Nurture email leads into warm prospects. Offers a variety of monthly subscriptions.
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