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Disputed Domain Names Websites

Informational sites related to domain name disputes.- Category ID : 55906
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Nissan Motor vs. Nissan Computer and domain dispute between Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer
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World Domain Rights

Information about Leonardo and etoy disputes, links to resources to fight unfriendly take-overs.
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NAF Decision: Referee Enterprises Inc vs. Planet Ref. Inc

Text of decision to transfer, .org, and .net from Planet Ref, Inc. to Referee magazine.
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In Fights Over .Com Names, Trademark Owners Usually Win

Researchers analyzing an arbitration system set up to resolve disputes over Internet addresses have found that decisions made through the system have substantially broadened the rights of trademark holders in cyberspace. [NY Times]
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Slashdot: AOL Threatens Peng, Demands Domain Handover

News of America Online demanding the domain name and reader comments.
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Large-Scale Registration of Domains with Typographical Errors

A case study documenting over 5000 registrations by notorious cybersquatter John Zuccarini. Most are typographic variations on well-known names, most provide sexually-explicit content and popups, and some are variants on sites typically used by children.
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National Arbitration Forum: Domain Dispute

Instructions on filing complaints or responses, details of specific dispute resolution services, and an archive of past decisions.
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Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre

Hong Kong-based dispute resolution institute offers a procedural guide for claims filed by trademark owners. Includes an index of decisions made in each of its three branches.
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Register: Kevin Spacey Loses Pivotal Cybersquatting Court Case

"Movie actor Kevin Spacey has lost a landmark court battle over ownership of" By Kieren McCarthy.
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CNet: Judge approves domain name penalty on eReferee

In one of the broadest crackdowns ever issued against a domain name holder, a federal judge orders to stop using the word referee in all of its domain names. By Lisa M. Bowman.
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World Intellectual Piracy Organization

ICANN and WIPO - Important Warning

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