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References are essays, articles, descriptions, chronologies charts, that may contribute to an understanding of computer history or the history of computing, in general.- Category ID : 55601
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The Ways of Counting

Essay on the history of computers from the abacus, logarithm, ENIAC, and massively parallel computers. Written by computer pioneer Philip Emeagwali.
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The History of Computer Science: From the Past to the Present

An overview of the developments that allowed the modern day computer to arise from first principles, including looking at Stonehenge, ENIAC, Pascaline, and Turing machines.
3 -

Quux.Org Archive & Library

An archive aimed at preserving important pieces of computing and general history. Source code and programs with an eye towards emulators and rare/endangered code. Also specifications and photos of old equipment and several e-book collections.
4 -

History of Computers -

A collection of web resources sorted alphabetically. Topics include the Abacus, Eniac, Charles Babbage and Bill Gates.
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A searchable index for classical computer magazines and books, mainly from end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties. Provides a table of contents for each book.
6 -

History of Hard Drives

A brief look at the history from an ex-IBM technician. Includes the first IBM RAMAC disk drive.
7 -

A Brief History of Computing

Personal homepage that offers an insight into the history of hardware, the Internet and the Windows operating system.
8 -

The Evolution of the Modern Computer: An Open Source Graphical History

Hosts Computer Evolution File, tries to be a complete graphical representation of the evolution of computers for the period 1934 to 1950. License: Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike.
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New Zealand Bits & Bytes Computer Magazine Archive

This site contains a downloadble archive of early issues of the microcomputer magazine New Zealand Bits & Bytes, from the early eighties
10 -

NCR Computers of the 20th Century

Site about NCR computers of the 20th Century dedicated to those who programmed, maintained and operated them.
11 -

The Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC)

Links to on-line resources concerning the history of computing around the world, including pioneers of the field such as Alan Turing.
12 -

Mind Machine Museum

A collection of information and illustrations on the subjects of computers, calculators and games. Topics include the IBM 5100 portable computer and the Commodore KIM-1 and VIC 20 microcomputers.
13 -

Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon

Uses a timeline to take the user through the various milestones of computer technology. Subjects include the abacus, vacuum tubes, transistors and microprocessors. First published by Thinkquest and now archived.
14 -

50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Manchester Baby computer and the Manchester Mark 1 and Ferranti Mark 1.
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