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History of Computers

A directory of sites about the history of computers arranged categorically and with specific topic and general topic sections.
2 -

PC History

This site is under construction but has some nice pictures of some pre-IBM machines.
3 -

Charles Babbage Institute (CBI)

A research center at the University of Minnesota dedicated to promoting the study and preservation of the history of computing and information processing.
4 -

Triumph of the Nerds

Biographies, an interactive game, and a questions and answers forum trace the birth of the personal computer at this PBS companion site.
5 -

Computer History Images

Pictures of many of the pioneering computers.
6 -

The History of Computing Project

Offers a detailed timeline on the history of computer. Sections include hardware, software, pioneers and references.
7 -

The History of Computing Science: From the Past to the Present

Lecture presented by Michelle A. Hoyle explaining how computers and computing science arose from using sticks with notches for counting, to the massive explosion of personal computers in the 1980s.
8 -

The History of Computing

Detailed information including early pioneers and companies, archives, languages, and networking from the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech.
9 -

Reflections of a ModemJunkie

Writings on computers, the early online world, and the Internet, dating from 1992 to 2000.
10 -

Tools For Thought

by Howard Rheingold. Online copy of well known 1985 book on the invention of computing; includes Babbage, Turing, von Neumann, Engelbart, PARC, Kay, and Atari.
11 -

The Modern History of Computing

Historical survey from Babbage onward; by B. Jack Copeland from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
12 -

Computer History

Articles and photos on many topics; user submitted content with Wiki-style editing for registered users; photo gallery, forum, feedback.
13 -

Silicon Valley to Internet Valley

In San Francisco Bay Area; background, history, future: trends, forecasts.
14 -

The Association for History and Computing

An international organization which aims to promote and develop interest in the use of computers in all types of historical study at every level, in both teaching and research.
15 -

Punched Cards

Covers the earliest ways of encoding data up to the cards used in voting systems today.

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