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Sites dealing with used hardware for computers or used systems only!- Category ID : 55564
1 -

Liquidator of used computers, servers, and networking equipment.
2 -

A-Z Computers

New, used and refurbished PCs, notebooks, monitors, components and peripherals.
3 -

Baker Street Resources

Buys and sells used and refurbished computer-related equipment.
4 -

Tangent Communications, Inc.

Reseller of used and new Cisco routers, switches, cables and memory and are fully warranted.
5 -

WR Consultants Associates Inc.

Refurbished network hardware from Cisco Livingston, Ascend, USR and 3Com.
6 -

CCL Hardware

Supplies used and refurbished computer equipment, including servers, storage, and parts. Located in the United Kingdom.
7 -

Alta Technologies Inc.

Reseller of new and refurbished computer hardware. Plymouth, Minnesota.
8 -


Buys, sells, repairs, and upgrades various computer systems, storage, monitors and workstations.
9 -

Refurbished computer products, servers, memory, adapters, monitors, and storage.
10 -

Solar Systems and Peripherals

An inventory of previously owned Sun hardware, tested and fully warranted.
11 -

G-2 Systems Home Page

Independent reseller of refurbished Sun Microsystems hardware.
12 -

Atlantix Global Systems

Reseller of new and refurbished enterprise and midrange equipment.
13 -

Liquidation Station

Used Mac and PC desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and scanners.
14 -

Hi-Tech Components

Seller of hard drives and refurbished components.
15 -

Micro Technologies International

Refurbished terminals and printers.
16 -

Penn Computer Corporation

Offers refurbished and certified pre-owned servers, workstations, and networking equipment. Based in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.
17 -

National Value Computer, Inc.

Sells, buys, refurbs leases pre-owned or used name brand workstations, and servers.
18 -

Keane Machines Inc.

Buys and sells used computer parts.
19 -

Futuretech Inc

New and brand name factory refurbished monitors Dell, Compaq, HP, NEC, Sony, and wholesale.
20 -

System Resale Solutions IV Ltd.

Used networking and ISP hardware.
21 -

Buys and sells new used and refurbished equipment from Sun, Cisco and Compaq.
22 -

Computer Surplus Solutions

New, used, and refurbished computer systems, peripherals and parts. CSS will also buy surplus equipment
23 -

Equal To New Parts Inc.

Selling mainframe and midrange refurbish equipment.
24 -

Argecy Computer Corporation

New and refurbished commercial laser and impact printers, parts, supplies, and support.
25 -

360 Technologies

Buys, sells, rents and repairs new and used/refurbished Hewlett-Packard products.
26 -

Internet liquidator of computer related products.
27 -

Used Computer Shop

Source for used computers and used notebooks. Check out our latest specials on our used notebooks. Used notebooks, and used powerbooks.
28 -

Georgia Computer Incorporated

New and refurbished mainframe and networking hardware. Authorized IBM reseller.
29 -

Equip Systems

Suppliers of computer hardware for Dec and Compaq, Sun, Cisco and SGI.
30 -


Used laptop and notebook computers, parts, and accessories from major brand names.
31 -


Wide range of refurbished computers, located in the UK.
32 -

Word Pro Systems

Specializing in refurbished computers, repairs and upgrades and new computer systems.
33 -

VARx Incorporated

Sells refurbished DEC printers, monitors, disks, tapes and VAX or ALPHA systems.
34 -

Selling used brand name notebook computers.
35 -

Midwest Technical

Repairs and configures, sells and buys remanufactured and re-warranty backup storage devices, libraries and magnetic tape drives from most major brands.
36 -

Breakaway Technologies

Quality used notebook computers, Pentium desktop and servers, printers and displays.
37 -

Alimar Technology

Buys and sells HP 9000 equipment. All systems custom built with warranty and eligible for HP maintenance.
38 -

Sabcal LLC

Wholesaler and exporter of computer products, new, used, refurbished, surplus, overstock and liquidation.
39 -

Asset Recovery Specialists

Sells end-of-lease and repossessed computer systems and accessories.
40 -

Used Monitor Shop

Offers used monitors and computers with large selection.
41 -

AC Computers

Specializes in new and used computer hardware. Also services computers and peripherals.
42 -

GAO Systems

Provides used, refurbished parts, printers, monitors and networking equipment for IBM as well as other brands of PC equipment.
43 -


Online store for clearance, surplus and refurbished computer products.
44 -


New and used/remanufactured servers, workstations and networking equipment.
45 -

Hardware for VMS, Tru64 and Linux.
46 -

Used laptops with weekly specials.
47 -

Sunnking Electronics Recycling

Provides used and refurbished computers, equipment, and accessories.
48 -

Sunstar Company

Reseller of used tape and disk drives and peripherals.
49 -

Abacus Used Computers

Offers used and refurbished computers, laptops, LCD projectors, monitors, printers, and Macs. Massachusetts.
50 -


Reseller of used computer hardware.
51 -


Surplus liquidation, wholesale, and export of computer equipment, parts, and accessories.
52 -

Midland Information Systems

Provides new and refurbished IBM, Lucent Technology, AS/400 and RS/6000 systems.
53 -

Laptops and notebooks computers of all makes and models available for sale.
54 -

Kell Technologies

Used equipment sales.
55 -

Century Computer Sales

Buys and sells personal computers and mainframes.
56 -

Westworld Computers

Stocks used and refurbished laptop and notebook computers. also supplies laptop parts.
57 -

Partners Remarketing Inc.

Specializing in the sale of Tandem mainframe computers and other residual computer equipment.
58 -

International Computer Purchasing

Buyer and sales of new and used Cisco, Sun, Compaq and DEC.
59 -

Jeff Computers

Sells used laptops and peripherals.
60 -

Skyex Laptop Store

Sells used laptops and notebooks. Florida.
61 -

Second Chance PC Ltd.

Sellers of new and refurbished computers and equipment, dealing in both PCs and Macs.
62 -

Laptop Outlet

Source for used and refurbished laptops.
63 -


Dealer of second hand computer equipment.
64 -

Greentech International Corporation

Sell second hand computer systems, monitors and peripherals.
65 -

Reseller of brand name used and refurbished laptop and notebook computers.
66 -

Buys, sells, and rents used and refurbished IBM RS/6000 and pSeries computer hardware.
67 -

IT Clear

Offering second user and new hardware, monitors, systems, and servers.
68 -

Information Data Products Corp.

Reseller of new and used Cisco and other networking equipment, also specialize in xDSL CPE equipment.
69 -

Mr. Notebook

Retailer of used and refurbished notebooks in the central Texas area.
70 -


Wholesale computer surplus new, used, excess, and closeouts.
71 -


Computer, notebook parts and accessories.
72 -

Regal Technology Partners, Inc.

Buys, sells, repairs and provides maintenance on used Stratus computer systems, hardware, equipment and peripherals.
73 -

Laptop and PC computer parts, excess inventory, and liquidation items.
74 -

Online Data Solutions, Inc.

Provides used storage and networking equipment locally, nationally, and internationally to dealers, brokers, lease and service companies, and end-users.
75 -


Specializes in business-class, transaction document printing solutions.
76 -

Peripheral Parts Support, Inc.

Supplier of spare parts and peripherals supporting PCs, minicomputers, networking products and high-end workstations from a wide range of manufacturers.
77 -

Bauer Systems Inc.

Source for used and refurbished IBM equipment and systems, also sells used Sun and HP products, located in Canada.
78 -

Specialises in Sun products ranging from monitor adapters to enterprise servers.
79 -

Business Systems Connection Inc.

Sales of wireless, data, components and audio/visual equipment.
80 -

Joy Systems

Refurbished monitor manufacturer in New Jersey.
81 -

Continental Computers

Supplier of new and used Cisco and surplus network infrastructure equipment.
82 -

Computer Remarketing Services Limited

Specializing in the refurbishment and re-sale of ex-lease computer equipment.
83 -

Hula Networks, Inc.

Buys, sells, and trades used Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, and Foundry networking equipment.
84 -

Focus Technology

Buy and sell used servers, networking and storage hardware. Online purchasing and a quotation form for parts orders.
85 -

Laptop and notebook spare parts store.
86 -

Abacus Solutions

Provides new and used AS/400, RS/6000, HP 9000, Sun Micro Systems, and Cisco hardware solutions. Buy, rent, lease, and trade.
87 -

Andover Consulting Group, Inc.

Computer liquidator that buys and sells used computer, network and phone equipment.
88 -

PC Solutions

Used, refurbished and new computer monitors.
89 -

Discount Computer Peripherals, Inc.

Refurbished name brands, networking equipment and disk drives.
90 -

Computer Parts Galore

Offers used computer parts, used accessories and used software.
91 -

Vibrant Technologies Inc.

Reseller of new and used Sun Microsystems, IBM RS6000, iSeries, HP 9000 and Compaq midrange servers.
92 -

Townsend Assets Group

Reseller of used networking hardware.
93 -

Northern Realisations

Offering refurbished IT equipment for schools and government agencies. Located in Bolton, Lancashire, UK.
94 -

Vision Point of Sale

Sells used and refurbished point of sale hardware. Includes products, services, and refurbishment process information. Located in Glenview, Illinois.
95 -

World Data Products

Provider of used and refurbished midrange server, storage, and networking equipment. Includes product descriptions, repair process information, and maintenance services. Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
96 -

E.L.I. Group

Offers sales, rentals, and service of used computer hardware and peripherals. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
97 -

Computronics Technology, Inc.

Sells used computer parts and solderless breadboards. Located in Coppell, Texas.
98 -

Electronics Management International

Supplies new and used equipment for home or office use. Located in Massachusetts.
99 -

Genisys Corporation

Reseller of used hardware. Located in Seattle, Washington.
100 -

Complete Computer Solutions, Inc.

Sells new and refurbished desktops, laptops, parts and servers. Specializes in Compaq and Dell. Located in Massachusetts.
101 -


International auction house for end users to sell their used IT equipment. Located in Somerset, United Kingdom.
102 -

Marshall Resources, Inc.

Offers Tandem hardware and components for sale, lease or rental. Located in Durham, North Carolina.
103 -

M I Computers

Offers new and used computers, upgrades, and repairs. Located in Kent, United Kingdom.
104 -

JE Components, Inc.

Reseller of new and used PC, telecom, and network hardware. Located in Inglewood, California.
105 -

Voyage Technologies, Inc.

Reseller of used IBM pSeries servers, workstations, peripherals, and parts. Located in Burnsville, Minnesota.
106 -

On Queue Computer

Reseller of used enterprise Unix servers. Located in Newburyport, Massachusetts.
107 -

Minnesota Computers Corporation

Reseller of new and refurbished computer hardware. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
108 -

Export Computer Exchange

Exports used American computers, monitors, and notebooks in large volume to overseas clients. Located in Cedar City, Utah.
109 -

T3 Systems, Inc.

Reseller of new, used, and refurbished network hardware and servers from Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, and Sun. Located in Sacramento, California.
110 -


Marketplace for resellers, dealers, and brokers to buy and sell bulk, used, and wholesale computers and computer parts.
111 -


Reseller of new, used and refurbished Sun Microsystems products. Located in Nashua, New Hampshire.
112 -

Supplier of new and refurbished networking hardware and approved and compatible network accessories. Located in the United Kingdom.
113 -

Scale Datacom

Reseller and integrator of data storage solutions and networking hardware. Located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.
114 -

Powersource Online

Worldwide wholesale trading exchange for new and used IT equipment.
115 -

Network Systems Resellers

Specializes in refurbished midrange servers, storage solutions, and networking equipment. Located in Littleton, Colorado.
116 -

Innovative Peripheral Systems, Inc.

Specializes in surplus and refurbished computer hardware systems, components, and peripherals. Located in Walworth, New York.
117 -


Global source for new and refurbished servers, storage and networking hardware. Located in Anaheim, California.
118 -

Express Computer Systems

Provides refurbished Sun Microsystems, used Cisco, IBM xseries and pseries servers, HP 9000 servers, and NetApp hardware. Offers short term rentals and leases as well.
119 -

ABC Resellers

Offers refurbished industrial computers and vintage parts for PC, XT, AT and IBM PS/2.
120 -


Second hand, used, refurbished computers. Sells systems and components.
121 -

Sapia Networks

Buy, sell, or trade used, pre-owned, or refurbished networking hardware equipment from Cisco, Juniper, Foundry and other major brands.
122 -

Arbico Computers Limited

Offers budget PCs, laptops and components. Profile and catalogue with shopping cart.
123 -

Twin Cities Digital

Buys and sells used Cisco, Compaq, HP, IBM, and Sun equipment.
124 -


Offers new and pre-owned of hardware products from a variety of manufacturers including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, and HP.
125 -

Frontier Computer Corp

Michigan, USA company buying, refurbishing and selling parts and complete systems. Provides company details, stock inventory and selling information.
126 -

Alliance Technology Partners

Specializes in used, refurbished, remanufactured computers, monitors, hard drives, printers and memory.
127 -

CSI Lifecycle Services

Managing disposal and value recovery of old computers and other IT equipment.
128 -


Provider of computer evaluation, recycling, and resale services for the owners and sellers of used computers and electronics.
129 -

Allied Computer Brokers

Reseller and recycler of new and used, excess and surplus electronics equipment and computers.
130 -

Dell Financial Services

Offers refurbished off-lease Dell computers for sale.
131 -

IT Lifecycle Services

Sells refurbished a-branded PCs, servers, laptops and laser printers.
132 -


Providers of pre-owned and new-surplus networking equipment and services solutions.
133 -

Innovative Research Technologies

Buy and sell new and used VME boards and systems. Also sells ESD or anti-static bags and shipping boxes.
134 -

Corbel Solutions LLC

Seattle-based company offering new and used equipment for sale. Provides product information.
135 -

Bargain Hardware

UK based suppliers of new, used and refurbished servers, workstations and desktops, peripherals and components.
136 -

Renew Computers Inc

State of California approved computer recycling center which offers business and residential users access to used and refurbished computer equipment.
137 -

North Coast Computer Project

Microsoft authorised refurbisher and suppliers of recycled computers. Based in Australia.
138 -


Reseller of refurbished IBM pSeries servers and components. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
139 -

Used PC Warehouse

Canadian company selling refurbished desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and peripherals.
140 -

IT Parts Depot

American reseller of new and refurbished components, systems and peripherals. Provides online shopping.
141 -

Market Network Solutions

Based in Texas, offering refurbished Cisco products such as switches, network equipment and routers.
142 -

Network Orbitz

Offers an inventory of network equipment from brands such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell and Extreme. Located in Houston, Texas.
143 -

Building Block Computers

Resellers of new and refurbished brand-name networking equipment. Located in Minnesota.
144 -

Network Design Services

Sells new and refurbished switches and routers. Based in Texas.
145 -

Vertical Enterprise Equipment

Sells refurbished servers, storage and peripherals.
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