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Any hardware equipment that can perform tests, connected in some way or related to Computers.- Category ID : 55562
1 -

Sierra Tech

Analyzers and testers for SCSI, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, USB, Firewire 1394, Bluetooth and IDE/ATA.
2 -

Calright Instruments

Sells new and used test equipment and refurbised units.
3 -

BIZI Test Equipment

Buys and sells used test equipment from Agilent, HP, Anritsu, and Tektronix .
4 -


Instrument calibration and repair services. Supplies test and measurement equipment including calibrators, electrical testers and oscilloscopes.
5 -

Signal Test

Offers new and used electronic test equipment
6 -

Livingston Global

Rental, hire, lease and sales of test equipment.
7 -


Buys and sells electronic test and manufacturing equipment for professionals and personal usage.
8 -

Test equipment dealers directory and community for engineers.
9 -

Psiber Data Systems, Inc.

Expert tools for network including hand held test tool used on Ethernet network segments to verify link operation.
10 -

Data Sync Engineering

Manufactures specialized test equipment like computer monitor testers, data cable testers, and SCSI bus testers.
11 -

Fifo Electronics

Serial Port (RS232) analyzers for DOS and Windows. Breakout boxes for serial analyzers
12 -

Aristo Computers

Memory testers. The SIMCHECK memory testing line tests SIMMs, DIMMs, and DRAMs.
13 -

Video Products Inc.

Manufacturer of portable Montest line of RGB computer monitor tester (video generators) and video splitters.
14 -

Innoventions Inc.

Memory testers for electronic memory devices.
15 -

Benedict Computer

Manufactures hand sized RS-232 and RS-422 test monitors. Used for data capturing, sniffing, and line diagnosis.
16 -

Triad Spectrum

Offers solutions to computer memory module testing.
17 -


Producer of color and black and white test stripes and cards for optical and printing devices.
18 -


Supplier of the BenchSystem programmable test and measure controller with optional I/O modules.
19 -


Provides PCI and AGP diagnostic cards, bus extenders and memory adapters. CPU testing tools. PGA sockets.
20 -

National Instruments (ASEAN)

Systems for test, control, and embedded design applications. Develops popular software tool - LabView.
21 -

Devasys Embedded Systems

Provides USB I2C/IO interface board with 20 bits of digital I/O, and an I2C interface
22 -


Provides data acquisition and control interfaces for PC
23 -


Provides SUB-20 USB-I2C, USB-SPI, USB-GPIO, RS232, RS485, Ir, LCD multi-interface USB adapters.
24 -

SPEA Automatic Test Equipment

Designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment for microchips and electronic boards.
25 -

RPM Systems Corporation

Manufacturing and development testers for USB devices In-system programmers for microcontrollers
26 -

Barnes International Ltd

Manufactures and supplies test equipment for magnetic stripe cards
27 -


Manufacture and distributes cable, network testers, networking tools and surge suppression devices
28 -

Practical Design Group

Sells THUM - temperature humidity USB monitors
29 -

Telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH

Supplier of the I2C adapters products Tracii, Connii and others.
30 -

USB-SPI Adapters

Provides USB-SPI interface adapters
31 -


Manufacturer of measuring instruments, oscilloscope etc.
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