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Quiet computers are those that make little or no normal operating noise, incidentally or by design. Most desktop computers emit a constant whir, and sometimes roar of noise, from fans as they spin, disk drives (hard, CD/DVD) as they spin and read and store data, and from electrical transformers as they hum and whine. Sound is also emitted by speakers, but this is intentional, and usually considered desirable by users, if not by coworkers. Many users find computer noises distracting, even irritating, more so as they increasingly listen to music and videos on computers, and use IP telephony. Ergonomic (human factors) research in noise pollution, usually in the workplace, shows that noise harms user concentration and productivity, more so where many computers operate in confined spaces, more so where no effort is made to improve acoustics. The market for quieter computers is growing worldwide, more in Europe.- Category ID : 55536
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Sizo Silent Systems

Makes, configures and sells fanless computer systems.
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Searching for the Very Silent PC

Small article explains market, and why it exists.
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Sells Quiet and Fanless PCs and quiet computer parts since 1999. Located in Battle Ground, WA.
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Silent PC Review: SPCR

Reviews, news, information on quiet, low noise, and/or silent computers and components, silencing methods, DIY modifications, full systems, and their energy efficiency and thermal performance.
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Mappit A4F Fanless Computer

Makes, sells fanless PC system based on VIA Mini-ITX motherboards, special design interior and aluminum case. Schneider Elektronik GmbH and Co. KG. [English and German]
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Puget Silent Professional Workstation

High performance, reliable, full size desktop computer, ships in 3-5 business days. Puget Custom Computers. Seattle, Washington, USA.
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King Young Technology Co., Ltd.

Makes SUMICOM: SUper MIni COMputer; very small, low power, silent. Taipei City, Taiwan.
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Wikipedia: Quiet PC

Encyclopedia article, with links to many topics.
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Quiet PC

Sells worldwide, systems and parts: power supplies, cases, case fans, CPU coolers, video card coolers, sound proofing, hard drive enclosures, motherboard heatsinks, case feet, cables, adapters. Malton, UK.
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Build a Silent PC

Instructions on how to build quiet computers that still perform well, with all steps needed.
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Makes, configures, sells silent PCs, with Linux and other open source software. Eindhoven, Netherlands.
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Noise Insulation Case

Detailed study of project to build a highly sound insulating wooden case for a tower PC, about 150 photos. English, Finnish.
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Tranquil PC Ltd.

Makes and sells quiet and small silent PCs. Manchester, UK.
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Silent Computing

Short article on desire and means for silent computing. Low End Mac.
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Pogo Linux, Inc.: Quiet PC Guarantee

Makes and sells Linux workstations that run below 32 dB, smoothly with no vibration, are stable and handle high loads with no overheats. Tukwila, Washington, USA.
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Cool and Quiet or Anti-Extreme Overclocking Experience

How to quiet graphics card, lower heat output, and keep performance up. X-bit Labs.
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Makes low power, fanless, diskless, silent, open source, subscription-based desktop PC. subsidiary of PConRails LLC. Menlo Park, California, USA.
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VeryPC Ltd.

Provides green computer systems, other support and services: Apple and PC networking, network, bespoke equipment, contracting. Sheffield, United Kingdom.
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Shhh! Constructing a Truly Quiet Gaming PC

Short article, with links and many reader comments. Slashdot.
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Building a Dead Silent PC

Short article, with links and many reader comments. Slashdot.
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How to Build a Dead Silent PC

Article of instructions. Predecessor to website: Build a Silent PC.
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The Silent PC

Investigates the acoustic aspect of information technology ergonomics and the market for acoustic comfort.
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