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Professional and non-professional evaluations and reviews of computer related components.- Category ID : 55443
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Hardware reviews and user-submitted reviews for motherboards, processors, graphics cards, sound cards, monitors.
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Macintosh hardware and software performance reviews and other related information.
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Deep technology content. Tutorials, discussion and analysis of core and emerging computing technology. From Ziff Davis Media.
4 -

PC Mechanic

The Internet guide to do-it-yourself computing.
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Silent PC Review

Everything about low-noise PC components, silencing techniques, DIY mods and complete quiet computer systems.
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Computer hardware news, reviews, editorials and game reviews.
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Hardware reviews with a focus on mainboards, graphics cards.
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InfoHQ Computer Buying Advice

Computer news and rumors, tech information and help, and advice on buying and upgrading laptop and desktop computers. Includes coverage of current and future CPUs.
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Reviews of computer hardware such as motherboards, graphic cards, and CPUs.
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Latest I.T. news, reviews and price lists for Singapore.
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Dux Computer Digest

A digest of PC hardware and software reviews, and how-to articles, and trouble-shooting tips from the unique perspective of an operational computer repair shop.
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Looking at cooling, hardware reviews, memory, networking tips and tricks.
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Hardware news and reviews.
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Search engine that helps you find hardware and game reviews and resources such as hints, walkthroughs and guides from the top gaming and hardware sites on the net.
15 - PC Hardware / Reviews

Reviews and information on desktops, laptops and components.
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Storage Review

Benchmarks and reviews on ATA and SCSI Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, and removable storage devices along with storage-related news, links, forums, surveys, and comparisons.
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Hardware reviews and guides.
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Resource for graphics professionals and enthusiasts to research new and upcoming technologies.
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Legion Hardware

The latest hardware reviews and news.
20 -

Hardware Analysis

Computer hardware news, reviews and editorials.
21 -

Real World Technologies

Computer hardware and technology.
22 -

Romulus 2

Centre for computer reviews, news and guides.
23 -

VR-Zone Hardware

Latest PC news and technical reviews.
24 -

Overclockers Club

Hardware reviews, how-to guides, help forum, and the latest in tech news.
25 -

ASE Labs

News and reviews for computers.
26 -

Target PC

Providing reviews on the latest computer hardware and electronics.
27 -


Featuring news, small reviews and editorials.
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Motherboard review database with forum.
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Technology-related projects, tutorials and news.
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Ultimate Hardware

Reviews and benchmarks the latest PC hardware.
31 -

Techware Labs

Reviews of the latest computer hardware and software, up to date industry news and active discussions.
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Technical reviews and information.
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Technical specifications and reviews on the latest hardware.
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DarkVision Hardware

Posting of snippets focusing on newly released computer hardware and drivers.
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PC World: Hardware Reviews

Reviews of new desktop PCs, laptops, and gadgets from the computer magazine.
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UK based site with PC hardware reviews, hardware news and hardware related forum.
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U.S. based site with PC hardware and consumer electronics reviews, news and guides.
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Legit Reviews

PC hardware news, tutorials, reviews and editorials.
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PC related hardware and software news as well as reviews and guides.
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Hot Hardware

Reviews and news in technology, computers and gadgets, from notebooks and desktop systems to all major PC components.
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