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FPGA project consultants, generally paid, starting from G to Z- Category ID : 55411
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Offers a range of products, services and consultancy for embedded DSP and FPGA based applications.
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Offers system-on-chip design services for telecom and consumer electronics applications.
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Adapticom Inc.

Design and fabrication of electronic/computer hardware, specializing in the creation of data collection tools, custom high speed 100mhz digital designs using both discrete logic and FPGAs.
4 -


Digital systems and software consulting company.
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FPGA and Asic designs.
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Polybus Systems Corp

Designs and develops computer related hardware and software including FPGA design and development, VHDL and Verilog design, simulation and synthesys and PCI board development.
7 -

Interface Masters, Inc

Full service embedded system design and development.
8 -

Shax Engineering and Systems

Offers an integrated system design, hardware development, and FPGA/ASIC synthesis, verification, and implementation services.
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Provides FPGA and ASIC design services as well as many IP cores.
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Delivering FPGA centric high performance reconfigurable computers. As a Xilinx Diamond Partner with DIME2 modular system they can offer FPGA based solutions and systems.
11 -


FPGA and ASIC design, high-speed board-level, EMI, embedded software and mechanical design. Based in Denmark.
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Andraka Consulting Group, Inc

Digital hardware design firm that concentrates on FPGA projects. xilinx experts.
13 -

SynthWorks Design Inc.

Provides hands-on, how-to VHDL training with a focus on hardware ASIC, FPGA, and system design and test.
14 -


Electronic company focused on FPGA design development.
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Verien Design Group

Providing services in complex FPGA development and board design for a wide variety of products and markets.
16 -

North Pole Engineering

Consultants providing FPGA, high speed memory controllers, smart I/O interface devices, high speed smart DMA controllers.
17 -

Vreelin Engineering Inc.

Develops complete IP solutions for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs.
18 -

Korusys Ltd

A UK based electronics systems design and consultancy services provider.
19 -

Abineau Communications

Designers of radio and baseband technologies for digital communication.
20 -

Simba HPC

Suppliers of high performance custom computing solutions for digital signal processing and computer modelling.
21 -

Tentmaker Systems Consulting Group

FPGA design service consulting firm. FPGA-centric custom boards and ASIC evaluation over FPGA
22 -

Coral9 Consulting

FPGA and embedded design consulting services. FPGA based design, validation and training.
23 -

Logic Crafters

Technical consulting group specialized in FPGA design and real-time embedded software.
24 -

Abaxor Engineering GmbH

FPGA design and electronic development. Offers comprehensive service from conception, circuit design, simulation and implementation.
25 -

Mistral Solutions

Designs, builds and deploys customized FPGA based solutions that integrate custom software and hardware engineering.
26 -


Offers designs in digital broadcasting, picture and sound processing, and wireless access networks.
27 -

LSF Desing

Provides FPGA and board design consulting to a variety of existing and emerging technology companies.
28 -

So-logic GmbH Co KG

Centered in the fields of electronic consulting, development and training for technical applications.
29 -

Electronic Sales & Consulting GmbH

System architecture consulting, solution finding, design methodology, design services and VHDL / FPGA tools training.
30 -

Aspen Logic

Provides FPGA logic consulting/contract services to companies across the world. Projecst in VHDL, Verilog for Xilinx and Altera.
31 -


Provides on-site and turn-key FPGA design services. Works closely with Altera and Xilinx.
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