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This category is for computer hardware or hardware-related projects developed and licensed openly and freely.- Category ID : 55358
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Seeks to design and publish core designs under a license for hardware modelled on the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) for software.
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OpenCollector Database

Site has a searchable index of many designs, tools and manufacturers.
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Several open source reference designs, based on 8-bit AVR, ARM7 and ARM9. All schematics and the CAD data are published as open source hardware.
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ARM Developments

Embedded system based on ATMEL AT91M40800 processor and Network Card based on Crystal CS8900A.
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Ronja (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access)

Optical point-to-point data link.
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DAISY: Dynamically Architected Instruction Set from Yorktown

Goals: make VLIW and other novel ILP architectures fully compatible with common extant architectures such as PowerPC, x86, S/390, and Java Virtual Machine.
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Bug Labs

Develops BUG: modular software and hardware platform, web-enabled, set of pre-matched components: color screen, camera (video enabled), GPS, accelerometer; snap together, no soldering. Open source.
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Elphel, Inc.

A project working on cameras and imaging solutions with Free software and open hardware. Contains a list of products along with their prices and documentation.
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Open Programmer

Free USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C EEPROMs and other devices. Control applications for Windows and GNU/Linux are provided along with their source code.
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Open-source electronic prototyping platform allowing to create interactive electronic objects.
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OSC and MIDI Foot Controllers

Open hardware design of OSC (Open Sound Control) and MIDI foot controllers, primarily targeted for use with SooperLooper.
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Open Source PIC

Open source projects and software stacks for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.
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LPC4350-DB1 Development Board

LPC4350 based development board with open source schematics and software examples.
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Produces and sells various development boards and publishes all the source code and design sheets under free licenses.
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Computer-on-Module COM-SPEAR1340

Development platform for the ST SPEAR 1340 MPU. It consists of Computer-on-Module (COM) and Single Board Computer (SBC). Schematics, documentation and Linux distribution is available for download.
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A resident open source bootloader for PIC18 microcontrollers. It allows you to program a new firmware application image into the chip using the standard USB connectivity of your device.
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I2C Interface Applications

Website contains the theoretical information on I2C interface, practical designs and open source examples.
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USB I2C Adapters

USB I2C Interface Adapters with open source schematics and GUI applications.
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