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An electrical connection which allows two or more wires or lines to be connected together. Typically, all circuit cards receive the same information that is put on the Bus. Only the card the information is "addressed" to will use that data. This is convenient so that a circuit card may be plugged in "anywhere on the Bus." All computers and most telephone systems use buses of some type. Computer buses are typically open. Telephone system buses are typically closed.- Category ID : 55246
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Beyond Logic

Includes detailed information on USP, serial ports (RS-232), parallel ports (SPP/ECP/EPP/IEEE1284) and device drivers.
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Offers information about ATA and ATAPI devices. Also provides drivers and historical information.
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Technical Committee T13 AT Attachment

Responsible for all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized as the disk drive interface on most personal and mobile computers today.
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Computer Architecture : What is a Bus?

The basic computer bus is explained and information is provided regarding ISA, PCI, MCA, EISA, VESA, and VL-Bus architecture.
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The I/O Bus

This article covers bus, its history and status, PCI, EISA, MCA, bus mastering, plug and play, and the bleeding edge. From Introduction to PC Hardware.
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The online publication for designers and builders of bus/board-based systems.
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The Hardware Book

Provides circuits, pinouts, cable and adapter descriptions plus other technical information.
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The fight for an open hardware platform is very real, and the power has swung from the PC leaders to the entertainment industry.
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Free Online Dictionary of Computing

Explains what a bus is and is hyperlinked to additional information.
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Instrument Control Fundamentals: Hardware and Bus Technologies

Set of tutorials and concept documents providing information on all the instrument control hardware and bus technologies.

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