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Textures Websites

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1 -

Marlin Studios

Developers of seamless textures on CD.
2 -

Real Texture Library

A large library of photo-derived tilable royalty-free textures for realistic simulators and games available for purchase. A few free samples.
3 -


High-resolution textures on CD-ROM, to use in various image and video editing, animation and 3D applications like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Bryce, Poser and 3D MAX.
4 -

PlanIT 3D

Free textures of masonry, wood, metal, vegetation, roads, fabric, carpet, floors, and wall deco. Also models, tutorials, sound fx, ergonomics and architectural resources.
5 -

Renfield Imaging

Gallery of intriguing 3D seamless textures. All images free for download with new images added monthly.
6 -

Hyperfocal Design

Developers of high-resolution 3d textures and HDRI skies for computer graphics professionals. Also featuring community and resource sections.
7 -

Wetzel & Company, Inc.

Develops backgrounds textures and patterns of JPEG images for use with most graphics programs, includes black and white patterns, watercolor, art papers, pastels, and rich textural architectural photographs.
8 -

Planet AEP - After Effects Projects

Pre made textures, backrounds, elements and graphics for After Effects.
9 -

Sub Dimension Studios

Texture collections, clip maps, 3D models and animated footage available for purchase on DVD or download.
10 -

Amazing Textures

Free high resolution images.
11 -


Textures, material shaders, 3D models, high dynamic range images and games are all available for purchase. Also includes forums, galleries and tutorials.
12 -

Annie Mation

Free nature texture resources, scans and photos of leaves to create textures from.
13 -

Forgesmith and Electroflux

Artwork and textures created with the plug-in Filter Forge along with some methods of usage and tutorials.
14 -

Texture Portal

A collection of textures available for purchase.
15 -

Assist CG

Resource of seamless textures available for free download through registration as well as tutorials and articles about texture creation.
16 -

3D Render

UK based company providing for purchase downloadable architectural, people, plant and sky textures as well as 3D seat models for form-Z.
17 -


Provides a vast range of free high resolution textures.
18 -


Royalty free textures for personal or commercial use.
19 -

A Touch of Texture

Free unique textures for use as references or 3d mapping.
20 -

Textures 2 Go

Provides a range of low resolution textures for free and slightly larger resolution for purchase.
21 -

Urban Textures

Free textures available for download of urban-based materials such as asphalt, brick, concrete, stone, metal, pavement, rust and wood.
22 -


Offers a variety of low to high resolution textures.
23 -

Easy 3d Source

Offers collections of people images with alphas for the composition of visualisation projects.
24 -

Good Textures

Free texture library containing high quality textures for private and commercial use.
25 -

Library of textures sold with bandwidth subscription, arranged by category.
26 -

High Quality Textures

Textures for 3D artist and 3D software applications.
27 -

Arroway Textures

A selection of high resolution architectural textures as well as tips on how to use them effectively.
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