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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)

Activism for civil liberties in issues such as internet censorship, internet governance, malicious interference.
2 -

International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE)

Academic website on information ethics. Platform for exchanging information about worldwide teaching and research in this field. News. Lists of institutions, teachers, and publications.
3 -

Southern Connecticut State University, Research Center on Computing and Society

Examines computer ethics and the impact of information technology on society. Articles. Research resources. Teaching resources. Student resources. Forum. Links.
4 -

Dangers of Internet Dating

Short descriptions of the dangers of internet dating, mail order brides, net addiction, and safety. Some links to other resources.
5 -

International Charter

International business organization that encourages business ethics and best practice policies.
6 -

Ethics in Computing

Directory of links concerning many issues and topics related to computers and their use.
7 -

Computing Cases

Teaching tools and case studies pertaining to the ethics inherent in the computing industry. Catalogues of background reading, case studies, and teaching material.
8 -

Web Ethics

Includes collection of links to articles on ethics as it applies to the Internet and the law, computer use policies, blogging and privacy, from the WWW Virtual Library. Maintained by Paul Martin Lester, California State University at Fullerton.
9 -

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)

Ethics and Members Conduct Committee web-page with links to related resources.
10 -

Wikipedia: Computer Ethics

Encyclopaedia entry about the topic.
11 -

International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP)

Working Group on Computers and Social Accountability.

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