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This category relates to general information about data format conversion.- Category ID : 54805
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Creativyst CSV to XML Conversion

On-line conversion of Comma Separated Values (CSV) to XML tool.
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Converting Text Files Between Operating Systems

How to transfer text files between Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows operating systems, relating to line feed and carriage return characters.
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Online tool converts between languages, currencies, document, image and spreadsheet formats, also offering SMS and fax transmission based on free services.
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Online file conversion, covering a wide range of different image, document, music, video and compression formats. Free for files up to 100MB, and premium services also available.
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Comet Docs

Commonly used file format and data conversions online.
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Converts docx files online to the previous doc format. Other formats are also supported including making PDF files.
7 -


Free online convertor to and from PDF, doc, epub, fb2.
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Online convert

Online converter for audio, video, ebook, image and document files.
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Convert Files

Converts files from one file type to another.
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Unix Timestamp

Converts Unix timestamps into human-readable form and vice-versa.
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OCR Convert

Online OCR conversion of scanned documents to text file format.
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Base64 Decode

Simple online tool for Base64 decoding and encoding.
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Web Toolkit Online

Useful online tools for developers.
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Online Document Conversion

Web-based solution which allows users to capture text from scanned documents and save as text documents.
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Free web application for converting between numerous document, music, video and image formats.
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Free Online File Convert

Online file conversion site allowing conversions of document, image, audio and video files from one format to another.
17 -

Time stamp generator

Unix time stamp generator and web tools like hash generators.
18 -

Text Mechanic

A collection of simple, single task, browser-based text manipulation, obfuscation and randomization tools.
19 -

Luxon Software Data Converters

A collection of online XML conversion tools.
20 -


Free online conversion tool. More than 60 conversion types are supported.
21 -


Online tool to convert files from YouTube to mp3 format.
22 -


Online converter service to thousand of file types: documents, video, audio, image, archiving formats.
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Image to base64

Online tool to encode images to Base64 string, CSS background image and Base64 image. Also contains code examples on how to convert images to base64 format.
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Free online service for converting various image formats to PDF, with resizing and cropping functions.
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Unix Timestamp Converter

Converts Unixtime into conventional date strings.
26 -

You convert it

Free online media conversion (audio, video, documents and images).
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Online tool to convert Json to XML and back.
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Enables the creation of website screenshots using an API and an online tool. Also provides web scraping facilities that allow data to be extracted from websites.
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Converts text to AP style title case, upper case, lower case, start case, camel case, Pascal case, hyphen case and snake case.
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Convert CSV

Online tool to convert Comma Separated Values files to and from various formats. Supported formats include JSON, SQL, HTML Table, GeoJSON, XML, KML, YAML, and others.
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Online tools for converting and formatting text, including a banner maker.
32 -


Online tool to restore text that is unreadable because of the wrong set of characters. Also a Base64 coder/decoder and a Url coder/decoder.
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Converts document, ebook, image, icon, video, audio and archive files online.

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