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A set of specifications that defines the way different types of data should be stored in computer systems for use by applications or the end user.

This category is mainly for technical specifications of data formats.  Although it tries to also be helpful and help you find relevant software for and examples of these data formats.

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1 -

Almost Every File Format in the World

Names many file formats and their extensions.
2 -

Webopedia - Data Formats

Contains information about many data formats.
3 -


Searchable database of file extensions for data formats, with information and notes on each.
4 -

Dot What?!

Database of file extension information. Supports users comments and submissions. Includes discussion forum.
5 -

DaubNET File Format Collection

The full specifications of various file formats.
6 -

Database of file extensions with information about each file type.
7 -

Sustainability of Digital Formats Planning for Library of Congress Collections

Provides information about digital content formats from the viewpoint of maintaining sustainable and accessible archives.
8 -

UK National Archives PRONOM Technical Registry

Resource for those requiring definitive information about the file formats, software products and other technical components required to support long-term access to electronic records.
9 -

File Formats Magic Database

Contains information on main file formats as well as an FFID registry and a signature file permitting the identification of files from their contents. Also contains tips on how to design new file formats.
10 -

A searchable filename extension database.
11 -

Searchable file extension list including descriptions and associated applications.
12 -

Uniblue File Extension

Searchable database of file extensions, explaining what they are used for and which programs they are associated with.
13 -

Filerecon Project

Developing a program to automatically identify files from their content. Project news, FAQ, and download. [GPL]
14 -

List of File Types

Comprehensive list of file types ordered by file extension, with links to relevant sites for additional information where known.
15 -

Database of file extensions and detailed information about such file types, including software that can be used to open them.
16 -

File Extension Database

Database of file extensions. Detailed instructions on how to open files in different formats.
17 -

Contains detailed descriptions of thousands of file formats and shows the user which products can open them.
18 -

File Extensions

Alphabetical list of file extensions for Dos, Windows, Unix, Mac. More than 10.000 entries. Extensive information on each file format. List of graphic file formats. List of potentially dangerous file formats. Many downloadable freeware converter programs.
19 -

The PC Pitstop File Extension Library

Can be used to find a program that can open unkown file types.
20 -

A regularly updated filename extension resource site.
21 -


Source for file format standards, online file conversions, and detailed file specifications, including Unicode characters, MIME types and file extensions.
22 -

[email protected]

A searchable database of thousands of file extensions, with information about the most common Windows applications used to open them.
23 -

File extension database. Helps to open unknown file types for inexperienced computer users. A large list of programs to open any file type from the database.
24 -


File extensions database.
25 -


A comprehensive file format database that provides users with recommended applications for opening specific file formats.
26 -

Contains information about file extensions.
27 -

Database of file extensions, file conversions and software to work with unknown file extensions

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