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1 -

Koenig, Sven

University of Southern California. Decision making, situated agents, distributed agents.
2 -

Carroll, John A.

University of Sussex. Natural language parsing, acquisition of lexical information from text, automatic generation of text from semantic representations.
3 -

Lambert, Lynn

Christopher Newport University. Natural language processing, planning and plan recognition, belief models, negotiation.
4 -

Liu, Hugo

MIT Media Laboratory. Philosophically motivated AI, commonsense reasoning, aesthetics and AI, assistive software agents, lexical semantics, story understanding.
5 -

Norvig, Peter

Artificial Intelligence, natural language, Lisp and Java in AI. Computational Sciences Division, NASA Ames Research Center.
6 -

Guvenir, H. Altay

Bilkent University. Machine learning, data mining, and computer-aided language learning.
7 -

Harmelen, Frank van

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Approximate reasoning, medical protocols, semantic web, specification languages for KBS.
8 -

Treur, Jan

professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Research interests include multi-agent systems, compositional modelling, temporal semantics, common sense and nonmonotonic reasoning.
9 -

Frasconi, Paolo

Università di Firenze. Machine learning for sequential and structured data, bioinformatics, text and natural language, pattern recognition.
10 -

Bacchus, Fahiem

University of Toronto. Planning systems, temporal logic, constraint satisfaction problems and formal models.
11 -

Blum, Avrim

Carnegie Mellon University. Interests include machine learning, approximation algorithms, on-line algorithms and planning systems. Online publications and talks.
12 -

Simon, Herbert A.

Late Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. One of the founders of Artificial Intelligence. Research mainly in modeling and simulation of human cognition.
13 -

Saffiotti, Alessandro

Head of the mobile robotics lab at Orebro University, Sweden. Research area: integration of cognition and physical embedding in autonomous robots.
14 -

Hoos, Holger H.

University of British Columbia. Preference elicitation, dynamic constraint optimization, satisfiability problems in propositional logic, computational musicology.
15 -

Teuscher, Christof

C.V., list of awards, publications, memberships, projects, and conferences. Interests in neural networks.
16 -

Dorigo, Marco

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. Research projects in Ant algorithms, metaheuristics for combinatorial optimization, robot shaping and behavior engineering.
17 -

Charniak, Eugene

Brown University. Part-of-speech tagging, probabilistic context-free grammar induction, syntactic disambiguation through word statistics, efficient syntactic parsing, and lexical resource acquisition through statistical means.
18 -

Allen, James F.

University of Rochester. Natural language understanding, discourse, knowledge representation, common-sense reasoning and planning.
19 -

Brachman, Ron

Director of the Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) at DARPA. Knowledge representation, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing.
20 -

Delord, Christophe

ENSEEIHT, France, Computer Science engineer, Artificial Intelligence (dialogue simulation, speech acts, PROLOG), Python, lexical and syntactic parsing.
21 -

Szalas, Andrzej

College of Economics and Computer Science, Olsztyn, Poland. Unmanned aerial vehicles. Autonomous systems.
22 -

Meila, Marina

University of Washington. Machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, graphical probability models, tree belief networks and mixtures of trees, maximum entropy discrimination, spectral clustering and image segmentation.
23 -

Mantaras, Ramon Lopez de

Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and Deputy Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the CSIC. AI and music, qualitative approaches to landmark-based robot navigation.
24 -

Nebel, Bernhard

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, Germany. Professor. Knowledge representation, planning, and robotics, with an emphasis on robotic soccer.
25 -

Biermann, Alan W.

Duke University. Computational linguistics, automatic programming and inference.
26 -

Jacob, Rob

Tufts University. Human-computer interaction, tangible user interfaces, virtual environments, eye-gaze tracking.
27 -

Forbus, Kenneth

Northwestern University. Qualitative physics, spatial reasoning, cognitive simulation of analogical processing.
28 -

Carberry, Sandra

University of Delaware. Department of Computer and Information Sciences Chair. Computational linguistics, dialog systems, machine learning, planning and plan recognition, medical informatics, user modeling.
29 -

Di Eugenio, Barbara

University of Illinois at Chicago. Interpretation and generation of instructional text, computational models of tutorial dialogue, modeling collaboration in human-human and computer-human dialogues, referential expressions.
30 -

Litman, Diane J.

University of Pittsburgh. Spoken dialogue for intelligent tutoring systems, reinforcement learning for optimizing spoken dialogue agents, prosodic analysis of misrecognitions and corrections, plan recognition.
31 -

Novick, David

University of Texas at El Paso. Department of Computer Science Chair. Spoken dialog models, mediated communication, user interface development methodologies.
32 -

Manning, Christopher

Stanford University. Probabilistic parsing, grammar induction, text categorization and clustering, electronic dictionaries, information extraction and presentation, and linguistic typology.
33 -

Benjamin, D. Paul

Pace University. Problem decomposition and theory reformulation, integrated cognitive architectures for autonomous robots, distributed constraint satisfaction problems, semigroup theory and dynamical systems, category theory in software design.
34 -

Bahlmann, Claus

Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany, On-line handwriting recognition.
35 -

Clough, Paul D.

University of Sheffield. Information retrieval.
36 -

Smith, Ronnie W.

East Carolina University. Spoken natural language dialog systems, dialog repairs, mixed-initiative, adaptive user interfaces.
37 -

Tack, Werner H.

Universität des Saarlandes. ACT-R cognitive modeling.
38 -

Taatgen, Niels

University of Groningen. Cognition, ACT-R, learning rules and productions.
39 -

Picard, Rosalind

MIT. Affective computing, texture and pattern modeling, video and image browsing, retrieval and annotation.
40 -

Conati, Cristina

University of British Columbia. User modeling, emotionally intelligent agents, adaptive user interfaces, Bayesian network student models.
41 -

Green, Nancy

University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Intelligent multimedia presentation systems, argumentation models, automatic generation of textual summaries of graphs, interactive narrative, conversation agents, user modeling.
42 -

McCoy, Kathleen

University of Delaware. Rehabilitation engineering, writing tool for American Sign Language, natural language generation, text summarization, graph summarization.
43 -

Cortes, Nareli Cruz

CINVESTAV-IPN. Artificial immune system optimization, genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation.
44 -

Roberts, Steve

Oxford. Robotics Research Group. Machine learning, Bayesian learning, data-driven inference, signal and image processing, bioinformatics, computational and mathematical biology.
45 -

Geczy, Peter

RIKEN Brain Science Institute. Neural networks, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, fuzzy logic, rule acquisition, rule extraction from neural networks, Autonomous Connectionistic Engine (ACE), neural network resources.
46 -

Pennock, David M.

Yahoo! Research Labs. Electronic commerce, internet statistics, uncertain reasoning, decision theory, market approaches to group coordination, multiagent systems.
47 -

Powers, David

The Flinders University of South Australia. Natural language learning, unsupervised learning, data mining, home automation, web search.
48 -

Tagliarini, Gene

University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Classification of sonar returns, fingerprint matching, image compression, and constraint satisfaction.
49 -

Danescu, Radu

Technical University of Cluj. Image processing, stereovision, intelligent vehicles.
50 -

Vyas, Amrish

University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Intelligent agents in eBusiness, adaptive agents.
51 -

Guinn, Curry I.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Natural language processing, spoken dialog systems, conversational agents, affective computing.
52 -

Vasishth, Shravan

University of Potsdam. Abductive Inference Model, Hindi sentence processing, wide-coverage theories of sentence processing.
53 -

Dror, Gideon

Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo. Text categorization, machine learning applications in bioinformatics, medicine, machine vision and high energy physics, feature selection for categorization and regression problems, artificial neural networks.
54 -

Turney, Peter D.

Interactive Information Group, National Research Council of Canada. Machine learning applied to natural language processing, lexical semantics from web mining, artificial life.
55 -

Martin, James

University of Colorado, Boulder. Empirical metaphor research, latent semantic analysis, information retrieval, co-author of "Speech and Language Processing" with Dan Jurafsky.
56 -

Furcy, David

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Heuristic search, planning and re-planning, reinforcement learning.
57 -

Rudnicky, Alex

Carnegie Mellon University. Speech recognition, CMU Communicator, dialog systems, speech agents.
58 -

Qu, Yan

Carnegie Mellon University. Information retrieval, extraction and management, natural language processing, Chinese computing, dialog and discourse processing, machine translation, cooperative human-computer interaction.
59 -

Kadri, Faisal

Affective computing, computational models of human emotion.
60 -

Weerdt, Mathijs de

Researcher in multi-agent planning at Delft University of Technology. Tutorial on multi-agent planning, list of own publications and publications related to distributed AI.
61 -

Finn, Aidan

School of Computer Science and Informatics, University College Dublin. Automated information extraction using convergent boundary classification, machine learning for automatic genre classification, active learning for information extraction.
62 -

Katirai, Hooman

MIT / Harvard. Machine learning applied to medicine, eHealth, and Electronic Medical Records (EHR) and Patient Health Records.
63 -

Reitter, David

University of Edinburgh. Multimodal systems, natural language generation, structural priming/alignment in dialogue, rhetorical analysis.
64 -

Terveen, Loren

University of Minnesota. Computer-mediated communication, social data mining, computer-supported cooperative work, recommender system.
65 -

Beal, Matthew J.

University at Buffalo, SUNY. Nonparamtric Bayes, bioinformatics, HMMs, probablisitic sensor fusion.
66 -

Galassi, Ugo

University of Eastern Piedmont. User profiling, hierarchical HMMs, learning regular expressions.
67 -

Pietruszkiewicz, Wieslaw

Szczecin Technical University (Poland). Machine learning and knowledge (data) mining, optimal (kalman) filtering, expert and decision support systems.
68 -

Alkhalifa, Eshaa

University of Bahrain. Multimedia adaptable intelligent tutoring systems, student modeling, cognitive style.
69 -

Cer, Daniel

University of Colorado - Boulder. Acoustic and lexical features of emphatic speech.
70 -

Ketter, Wolfgang

University of Minnesota. Computer science and economics, multiagent systems, automated negotiation and contracting.
71 -

Popple, James

Australian National University. Legal expert systems.
72 -

Tunstall-Pedoe, William

Cambridge, England. Cryptic crossword solving; anagrams; search; computer chess; knowledge representation.
73 -

Wahlster, Wolfgang

Universität des Saarlandes. Multimodal and perceptive user interfaces, user modeling, ambient intelligence, embodied conversational agents, smart navigation systems, semantic web services, and resource-adaptive cognitive technologies, VERMOBIL.
74 -

Chiang, Yao-Yi

Geosemble Technologies. Computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, geospatial information integration.
75 -

Goel, Ashok K.

Georgia Tech. Knowledge-based reasoning and learning, design cognition and computing, creativity, self-adaptation.
76 -

Carreras, Xavier

Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya, PhD student, machine learning, natural language processing.
77 -

Carpenter, Julie

University of Washington (Educational Psychology/Learning Sciences/LIFE Center). Human-robot attachment; robot-human interaction in stressful conditions, especially in dyad teamwork or collaborative situations.
78 -

Fournier-Viger, Philippe

University of Quebec at Montreal. Learning objects, cognitive modelling, virtual learning environments and intelligent tutoring systems.
79 -

Makris, Dimitrios

Kingston University. Senior lecturer and member of the Digital Imaging Research Centre. Research in 3D pose recovery, motion analysis and multi-camera tracking.
80 -

Dorst, Leo

University of Amsterdam. Applications of geometric (Clifford) algebra, exploration, reasoning with uncertainty in robotics.
81 -

Staab, Steffen

Research topics: semantic web, knowledge management, and natural language processing. List of his publications, projects, courses taught, contact information.
82 -

Lisetti, Christine

Florida International University. Emotional intelligence, computational models of emotions and affective processes, affective computing.
83 -

Airoldi, Edoardo

Harvard University. Statistical and computational elements for the analysis of complex graphs and interacting dynamical systems, including yeast molecular biology and social networks. Overview of publications and activities.
84 -

Swarup, Samarth

Virginia Tech. Cumulative (lifelong, multi-task) learning and evolution of language.
85 -

Roweis, Sam

University of Toronto. Researcher in pattern recognition, neural networks, artificial intelligence.
86 -

Traum, David R.

USC Institute for Creative Technology. Discourse structure. Grounding in discourse. Dialog and virtual reality agents.
87 -

Moore, Johanna D.

University of Edinburgh. Computational modeling of tutorial dialogue, multimedia explanation, integrated techniques for interpretation and generation, patient education.
88 -

Seneff, Stephanie

MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Phonological modelling, auditory modelling, computer speech recognition, statistical language modelling, natural language understanding and generation, discourse and dialogue modelling, and prosodic analysis.
89 -

Hearst, Marti

University of California at Berkeley. Data mining, information retrieval, user interfaces, web search.
90 -

Horvitz, Eric

Microsoft Research. Decision theory, reasoning systems, user modeling, reasoning under uncertainty.
91 -

Littman, Michael

Rutgers. Planning under uncertainty, markov decision processes, reinforcement learning, latent semantic indexing, text retrieval.
92 -

Wilks, Yorick

University of Sheffield. Computational pragmatics, belief modeling, lexicons, information extraction.
93 -

Cassell, Justine

Carnegie Mellon University. Gesture and narrative language, animated agents, intonation, facial expression, computer vision.
94 -

Mitrovic, Nikola

University of Zaragoza. Ph.D. student. Mobile agents, intelligent user interfaces, adaptive user interfaces, mobile applications.
95 -

Gini, Maria

University of Minnesota. Distributed intelligence, cooperation of miniature robots, robot navigation, multi-agent systems for e-commerce and supply-chain, economic agents.
96 -

Elliott, Clark

DePaul University. Affective reasoning, synthetic characters, animated tutoring agents, emotion representation.
97 -

Chavez, Guillermo Camara

Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. Pattern recognition, invariante pattern recognition, neural networks, image content-base retrieval, digital image processing, computer vision.
98 -

Raina, Rajat

Stanford University. Question answering systems, machine learning, probabilistic models, robotics.
99 -

Funge, John

iKuni, Inc. Game AI, machine learning, and knowledge representation.
100 -

Zillman, Marcus P.

Creator/Founder, Executive Director Virtual Private Library
101 -

Monz, Christof

Research interests: Computational Linguistics, Information Retrieval, Automated Deduction. Site lists on-line publications, projects, activities, and contact info.
102 -

Schütze, Hinrich

Stanford University. Statistical NLP, text mining, Co-author of "Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing" with Christopher Manning.
103 -

Conitzer, Vincent

Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. Phd Student. Intersection of computer science and game theory, computer science and economics, multiagent systems, automated negotiation and contracting.
104 -

Honavar, Vasant

Does research on machine learning, knowledge representation, data mining, big data, information integration, probabilistic models, bioinformatics, social informatics, and health informatics.
105 -

Krogt, Roman van der

Post-doctoral researcher at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C). Working on multiagent planning methods as well as scheduling for manufacturing.
106 -

Zytnicki, Matthias

INRA Toulouse. Bioinformatics, weighted constraint satisfaction problems, non-coding RNAs.
107 -

Grasso, Floriana

University of Liverpool. Computational models of natural argument, affective natural language generation, conflict resolution.
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