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Sorting and Searching Websites

Techniques and approaches for data ordering, arrangement and lookup.- Category ID : 54073
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Fast Median Search

Overview of algorithms to find the median in a list of values; implementations and links are also provided.
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Ternary Search Trees

Fast Algorithms for Sorting and Searching Strings - The original paper and examples by Jon Bentley and Robert Sedgewick.
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Sequential and Parallel Sorting Algorithms

Description of sorting algorithms with examples
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Sorting by in place permutation with time complexity O(n) using an auxiliary vector. Papers, animations and implementations.
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A Java implementation of the Wealthy Adaptative Search Algorithm, a constraint-solving algorithm using a stochastic approach.
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Compact Guide to Sorting and Searching

Algorithms and data structures. Source code in C and VB is included. Demonstration applets in Java.
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Understanding SoundEx Algorithms

Article describing and discussing the SoundEx searching algorithm and enhancements to make it more accurate. Includes SoundEx conversion form and Open licensed source code in C, JavaScript, and Perl.
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GNU libavl

Details of this collection of binary search tree and balanced tree library routines by Ben Pfaff. Etext in HTML/PDF/PS and source distribution.
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A method for inferring compositional hierarchies from strings, useful for recognizing lexical structure in long sequences. Examples, source code, description, publications, and an on-line demonstration.
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Search Algorithm

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Classification, summaries of the popular searching algorithms, links.
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Exact String Matching Algorithms

Common pattern search approaches with C implementations.
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Sorting Algorithms

Overview of many sorting techniques and corresponding links.
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Searching Algorithms

Overview of many sorting techniques and corresponding links.
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Sorting Algorithms Visualized

Applet visualizing various sorting algorithms, English version of Peter Weigel and Andreas Boltzmann applet.
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Wikipedia: String Searching Algorithm

Definition, classification, common algorithms, links.
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Fast Multi-Pattern Search

A fast algorithm for multi-pattern searching by Sun Wu
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Sorting and Searching Algorithms By Thomas Niemann.

Collection of algorithms for sorting and searching from arrays to B-Trees - theory, examples, implementation.
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Fibonacci Search in C

Fibonacci search and C sample code.
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Robsort GNU implementation

An O(n!) algorithm with downloads for Win98 and Unix platforms.
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Nearest Neighbors and Similarity Search

Slides of tutorial, bibliography, list of related researchers, open problems in similarity search area.
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String Searching With Suffix Trees

Fast String Searching With Suffix Trees by Mark Nelson
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Suggest Trees

A data structure for rank-ordered autocomplete suggestions that supports fast lookup of the top k suggestions with a given prefix.
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Sorting Algorithm Visualization Poster

A poster visualizing and comparing 12 famous sorting algorithms showing their distinctive features.
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Quantum Random Walk Search

Search algorithm based on the quantum random walk architecture that provides a speed-up similar to other quantum search algorithms.
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Sorting Algorithm

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Classification, summaries of the popular sorting algorithms, links.
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An ANSI C implementation of threaded AVL trees.
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