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Traffic Control Websites

1 -

Polara Engineering

Manufacturer of accessible pedestrian signals that aid the elderly and disabled to cross busy city intersections. Information on models and ordering.
2 -

Micrologic Systems Inc.

Manufactures products for the transportation and utility industries, such as computerized toll and fare collection systems, and vehicle tracking systems.
3 -

Work Area Protection Corporation

Manufacturer of traffic control and work zone safety products.
4 -

Blakedale Verge and Marker Posts

Manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of distance marker posts and verge markers.
5 -

Inline Barricades

Manufacturer and designer of barricades and barriers for crowd and vehicle control including police-style, steel, plastic, and portable barricades.
6 -

JAMAR Technologies

Manufacturer of traffic counters, traffic analysis software, distance measuring instruments, and related products.
7 -

RoadVision Technologies

Manufactures Highway Beacon, the snowplowable raised reflective pavement marker.
8 -

Telephonics Corporation

Specializing in communications systems for aircraft and mass transit and other traffic management systems.
9 -

Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO)

A manufacturer of traffic and parking control signs, pavement markings and related products.
10 -

Traffic Control Products Co., Inc.

Road and construction signs and other traffic safety and control products.
11 -

Vistaplan International

Manufacturer of security, drawing, and storage system products.
12 -

American Signal Company (AMSIG)

Manufacturer of stationary and portable electronic changeable message signs and sign systems.
13 -

Component Products

Manufacturer of traffic signal poles, shrouds, polycarbonate framework, and related products.
14 -

Lakeside Plastics, Inc.

Manufacturer of traffic cones, barrels and other related safety items.
15 -

GNR Technologies

Design and manufacture infrastructure and traffic safety products from recycled rubber. Products include speed bumps and parking curbs.
16 -


Manufacturer of traffic management products, specializing in traffic bollards and cones. Includes a listing of world distributors and an online store for automotive and safety clothing products.
17 -

Athens Technical Specialists Inc.

A manufacturer of electrical test equipment for the traffic signal, highway, roads, and custom design markets with information on products, training, distributors, the company and contacts.
18 -

Advantec Consulting Engineers

Transportation engineers and intelligent traffic management systems experts.
19 -

Cloverleaf Corporation

Manufacturers representative for traffic control and traffic safety systems. Products include impact attenuators, pavement marking materials, and decorative surfacing treatments.
20 -

Vialis BV

The Netherlands. Suppliers of consultancy, services and systems for optimum processing of automobile and rail traffic flows. Part of the Volker Wessels Group. English and Dutch.
21 -

The Revenue Markets [TRMI]

Toll system and equipment products including treadles, ETC systems, coin machines, gates, and collector terminals.
22 -

Blue Ember Technologies, LLC

Collapsible bollards to help control pedestrian and automobile through traffic.
23 -

Traffic Control Devices, Inc.

Installers and maintainers of traffic signal equipment, signs, and intelligent transportation systems. Includes contact locations and employment opportunities.

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