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This category lists sites of trade associations and organizations related to moving services.- Category ID : 53795
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Dansk Møbeltransport Forening (DMF)

Representing removal and storage industry in Denmark. Pages in Danish and English with useful moving information.
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Massachusetts Movers Association (MMA)

Website with moving tips, list of state moving companies and useful links.
3 -

Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA)

Representing state movers and transportation professionals. Provides information about events and marketplace for the associates.
4 -

Latin American & Caribbean Movers Association (LACMA)

Association representing professional movers from all the continents. Pages in English and Spanish with industry news.
5 -

Canadian Association Of Movers (CAM)

Provides information for the association activities and includes moving tips from several sources. [English and French]
6 -

California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA)

Representing licensed and insured movers operating in California. Includes consumer help.
7 -

The Federation Of European Movers Associations (FEDEMAC)

Representing moving associations in a variety of European countries. Includes a newsletter and member information.
8 -

Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI)

Representing the international moving industry, in a wide array of countries. Includes customs information, country guide and press releases.
9 -

Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA)

Representing Australian moving companies. Providing news and events for the members and moving help information.
10 -

Long Island Moving & Storage Association (LIMSA)

Provides moving tips and resources and movers directory organized by location.
11 -

Washington Trucking Association (WTA)

Website with news and schedules, publications, services, links, contact information.
12 -

Southwest Movers Association (SMA)

Provides legislative and regulatory contacts, consumer guidelines and interesting links like fuel prices, weather, travel planning and maps
13 -

South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA)

Provides economics information useful for drivers and marketplace with the suppliers for the industry.
14 -

Ohio Association Of Movers (OAM)

Association with the moving companies listed by city and providing information for the members.
15 -

North Carolina Movers Association (NCMA)

Website with information for members and moving help
16 -

Georgia Movers Association (GAMA)

Representing state moving companies which can be find by directory or using the map. Provides moving tips, moving checklist, useful links and discussion forum.
17 -

Missouri Movers Association (MMA)

Website for members only. Includes member search by name or location.
18 -

Pennsylvania Motor Trucking Association (PMTA)

Website includes information for members, industry news, traffic advisories and calendar of events.
19 -

American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA)

Representing US moving companies. Provides moving tips and useful moving information.
20 -

Australian International Movers Association (AIMA).

Representing Australian international moving companies. Includes list of members, customs regulations for Australia and useful links regarding customs formalities.
21 -

Self Storage Association (SSA)

Official association site for US and Canada self storage information and education.
22 -

International Exhibition Logistic Associates (IELA)

A union of internationally experienced professional exhibition freight forwarders. Website includes customs formalities guide.
23 -

Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA)

Providing useful information for moving and transport companies from Iowa, resource center and calendar of events.
24 -

National Association of Senior Move Managers

Professional association of U.S. organizations assisting older adults and families with downsizing, relocating, and home modifications.
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